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How many people know who they are voting for just because its on the ballot, pick A,B,or C picking anyone of them would amount to the same thing only with a different name, all of there agendas are the same, expand BART to help the masses no matter how much it hurts them [masses] financialy, they [BART] needs a financial overseer, just how much salary do these BODs get? Are they getting a reduction in there pay, like everyone else? Isnt one of the jobs of the BODs, is to control costs? With so many districts being represented by so many BODs, how can they ever come to a conclusion whithout giving into what ever they all want, For the simple minded that means to satisfy everyone[ BODs] and avoid conflict with one district over another they pass everything regardless of cost.

Wow, you really are a

Wow, you really are a terrible writer, sick of it ... but buried in your illiterate gibberish are some actual insights. you've pretty much nailed one of BART's problems, namely the elected Board of Directors. Voters don't pay much attention to who they elect to a rinky-dink office like BART Director, so we end up with a Board composed of 50% nitwits and 50% self-serving political clowns. And then they all get caught up in trying to "get something for their district" so they think "i'll support his stupid/expensive idea because then he'll support my own stupid/expensive idea." Guess what that gets you? A whole bunch of stupid/expensive ideas, each of which is only important to an individual BART District.

See, you are capable of

See, you are capable of understanding. Thats just about what I said.

Not to disagree with your

Not to disagree with your post but my understanding is that the Directors do not get paid very well (~$10,000 - $12,000 per year).

Being a director is more

Being a director is more about the benefits. They don't do whole lot, and it is about titles in the elected arena. Many times they are retired folks.

Being a BART director is not the same as a job or career.

The directors don't get much

The directors don't get much money, but they get the benefits: free transit for themselves and their families, the top of the line medical plan (I doubt *they'll* be forced onto Kaiser), blackberries and computers provided by use for "official business" (my friend in I.T. tell me this "official business" includes children's games!), travel on BART's dime to study other transit systems overseas, etc.