Linton Johnson said confront a Train Operator or Station Agent

I heard from someone Linton said that on TV, is there any truth to it? If so that's a new low.. Anyone have the video anywhere? Or is it not true? That is the most dangerous thing anyone could say... I also heard it was retracted like 1/2 hour later.


Yeah I agree, it was a little "tense" in the stations least in the a.m. but everyone was civil it seemed. I was curious to see if anything would happen but..much to my JOY nothing did ...(as of 12pm when I was out of the stations)

IF BART finally gets rid of that friggin asshole, I'M CELEBRATING FOR A WEEK!. Talk about the ANNOY button. I've hated a "stale" report spokesperson as much as him.

Union and management is *supposed* to have at least a civil, working relationship. Obviously we do not judging by comments such as those.

But Linton is management's mouthpeice so he said what they are thinking. They're furious with us for not accepting that contract and having the system on the verge of a shutdown.

They called our bluff by imposing a contract, and we called thiers by giving a 72 hour strike notice.

Only reason why you think Jesse should be fired is because the union did not accept that contract.

It's not Jesse's decision wether to accept or decline the contract anyways. He has to roll with whatever the union as a whole votes. The union voted no, so that's the stance he had to take too.

So stop the bus with your ignorant and false statements.

Again. Ignorance on your part.

You don't even know HOW Jesse voted in the meeting for you to make such asinine assumptions. He could have actually voted yes for all you know. But you weren't there, so be quiet.

Again. Regardless of what Jesse voted, the union overwhelmingly voted the contract down. And he has to represent and support that vote. Even if he may personally disagree.

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here's what i have been wondering: WHY did they not get the contract until minutes before they were asked to vote? is it:

a) because their president dropped the ball, is a moron, etc
b) because their president wanted them to vote "no" and figured not allowing anyone to read the contract would ensure a no vote.

i say B all the way. it was not the president's "fault." it was a calculated move to ensure that they would vote no and force a strike.

thanks ET for being a voice of reason on bartrage.

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I wasn't sure if I should comment on this one so I'll keep it simple. I was surprised to see how unhelpful he was in January also.

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Hmmm? I kind of like that idea!

I'm convinced that someone is being paid to be instrumental in trying to disrupt this forum.

Whoever is behind Master Chief and his numerous sock puppet comrades thinks they are slick. If you look at some of the people who have been here with him guess what?

BARTHater and sick of it created their accounts within a day of each other. I can't get to Master Chief's info because he is now blocked but he showed up at about the same time.

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9 weeks 1 day

sick of it
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And then there's today's new "bloggers" all with the same anti union message.

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Somebody's been a little too busy to just be an idle punk with a screw loose.

OK, here we go, now wait for it to post:

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I was able to easily identify 12 usernames as belonging to Master Chief, and banned all of those at once. He is apparently the most schizophrenic person on the planet because I found entire threads where he did nothing but argue with himself, sometimes with 3 completely different points of view.

The moral of the story is don't feed the trolls. Or, don't take the bait. Because they might all be the same person.

Also, soup is good food.

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thanks for taking care of this. i was still debating what to do, but you made the right call. there is no point letting him clog up this site, even if he isn't breaking the "rules." having multiple accounts immediately makes you a rulebreaker in my book...

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I was wondering if he was arguing with himself on those threads. They just seemed to be a little "over the top" for BARTRAGE. Keep up the good work and don't give out any more secrets on how you figure these guys out!

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Boopie and I are ninjas. That's all :-)

Sock puppets r us probably pays just enough for Red Bull and cigarettes for this kind of work.

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nah, he's a script kiddie that got bored teabagging the other 15 year olds on xbox live

Trust me, there's paranoid schizoids in BART management. They come and go but there's always a few around.

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This is different from the rest of the government how? LOL

That was my point.

Keep filling out those resumes with no capitalization and punctuation as if you were texting and maybe you could get a job, uhh, texting.

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some of the ones above are real people that are just pissed at the whole strike thing and probably found this site when looking for info on the strike. sure they all have the same message. they have no way to easily get to work on monday, the economy is in shambles, and the union strikes because they won't make concessions (at least that is what it looks like on the surface. i have long ago decided not to involve myself with the union talk).

other than transittaker and sickofit, i am pretty sure the others are legit.

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i can back barthater on this. barthater is not one of master chief's aliases.

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Was I wrong about Master Chief
and personalities sitting in it's basement or
Mom's sewing room flaming everyone?
In its tighty whities no less.

I was on my way into the City for my massage Thursday on the 9:56 or whatever it is out of Concord. For some reason the T.O. at Rockridge had to leave the train and go downstairs and pick up a package for BART? People were wondering why the T.O. didn't let us know what was going on and it was because he wasn't on the train. Why would BART make him do that? It stressed him out because it through the train off schedule because he was gone a while and people at Rockridge were also slow to board and straggling so he couldn't immediately depart. I felt bad for him because he was obviously having a bad day from the tone of his voice. Why wouldn't a station agent bring whatever it is up to the platform and hand it to the T.O. like they normally do? That just seems weird, I thought, oh is that part of his job now?