New BART map!!!

From the new BART Fares and Schedule Brochure

I like it!

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Hey, maybe with that AirBART extension shown on there they'll finally replace those signs instead of adding the 10th sticker on top...

But the stickers make it look 3d !! ooooooh!!!! ;)


Think of it as adding those extra two lines during the day.

My, my, the BART cartographers have decided to straighten the lines instead of making the routes align to the contours of the land route. I'm still miffed that the sign makers color code the route lines, but not the trains or designation/destination signs. Years ago, the train operator cabs had color coded plastic signs stuffed below the console which could barely be seen. Perhaps the next generation train cars will have destination color coded by each entry door.

I think what is interesting is that they decided to make all the stops on a line (for instance, from Embarcadero to Daly City) appear equadistant, when the past maps were more accurate in clarifying that Embarcadero through Civic Center stops are very close together and there is a longer way from, say, 24th & Mission and Glen Park.

They also omitted the gray lines showing "transportation corridor under review" and "planned warm springs extension."

When you are on a train the order of the stations and where the various lines branch takes precedence over spatial detail (see practically every other subway map in the world). If you need to know the precise location of your destination on the ground then by the time you are looking at the map in the station it is too late.

Seems like they didn't have to make that choice before, and the maps were fine (in my opinion).

IME tourists were easily confused by the old maps, particularly by the Amtrack and Muni lines that were included for some reason. I guess it remains to be seen whether these will be any better.