Open door question?

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Sooooo I get on a train (still on said train, actually); last car of an eight car train, and I notice the door to the TO nook is open.

"Is someone in there?" I say to myself. "There's gotta be someone in there."

I get up and look: Nope. Empty.

"What should I do? Should I call the TO? Should I close the door? Should I go sit in the booth and take OMG IM DRIVING TEH BART TRAIN LOLOLOLOL!!! pics of myself?"

I don't want to get arrested for being curious and slightly amusing (to me anyway); I just closed the door.

What would You have done?

And for another thought, would it be possible to mess with the train from the rear TO panel?

You know, in case this happens again, and if there's a lava flow in a tunnel somewhere and the front TO passed out or something?

Just curious.



If only you'd had a cat with you.

That large black knob on the console, called a master control selector switch, or MCSS, is locked in the off position when the cab is not in use. This disables the cab from affecting the operation of the train.

So you can't run the train the other way to escape the lava flow, cat or no cat.

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I'd just close the door. It's really the best option anyway as you never know if those security cameras are in use. Why take the chance for 5 minute pleasure and suffer lifetime consequences?