This should be required reading

An etiquette guide for BART:

Reminds me of a woman and her companion a few years ago. I shouted up "Excuse me" because she was standing on the left. I wasn't the only person who was trying to walk up, and as I passed her, she said snidely to her friend (I'm not sure if she knew it was me who spoke up): "It's not like they'll get anywhere faster."

Which was true for that station (escalators are relatively short in comparison to other stations), but really, if you've got to dodge around/wait for someone to move/shove aside, those 10-30 seconds can mean whether you have to wait another 15-20 minutes or so for the next train.


uh, I think that is why this board exists. If you don't want to hear complaints about BART and BART's patrons don't come here.

The escalator thing really bothers me because it is caused by complete self absorption and/or complete obliviousness. A lot of us are on a tight schedule that is easily messed up for many reasons aside from idiots. We don't need one more obstacle getting in our way.

I dislike waiting in line on the escalator as much as the next Type A, but if your schedule is seriously affected by that wait then maybe you need to step back and reexamine things.

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some times it isn't even a "schedule" issue. and i'm nowhere near a type A. i never leave my house at a specific time, and i don't really give a crap when i arrive in my office either. so i get to bart whenever, but would still like to be on that train that i hear approaching rather than waiting on the platform another 5 to 10 minutes for the next train. if you add up all the inconsiderate assholes in a single day, it can really start to take away time needlessly. the prius doing 45 in the fast lane. the asshole that insists on backing his car into the parking spot and takes 5 tries to get it right, the moron standing on the left of the escalator, etc...

Amen! I cannot understand how people live their lives as if what they do has no effect on anyone else. What really irritates me are the the no-talent ass-clowns who pull up and stop right at the entrance of a BART parking lot to let someone out. What, you can't pull into that spot literally 20 feet away as to not block the rest of us trying to make a train? No, of course not...those cars behind me, screw 'em! I also love the Chinese fire drills that occur there as well...idiots. USE A OPEN PARKING SPACE!!! Geez...

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i can't believe i forgot to include that one!!! the pick up/drop off idiots are the absolute worst offenders. i would LOVE to see bart police do a sting operation on those douchebags.

Yeah, they're the same drivers who circle the parking lot looking for the space closest to the front door of (you name the store).

Unfortunately, we don't all have a choice of the schedule. Time transfers, having to catch a bus/shuttle that only comes every hour. It's not my personal timeline I hate to stray from, it is the nonsensical way public transit is set up in this region.

That's why BART employees don't come here. They only want to hear "ideas" from the new riders who rode when the Bridge was down.

Of course, those new riders are not asking for obvious things like "Longer trains" because they have never
experienced short trains. But they do want later service and more frequent service. Duh!