we got hacked!

Sorry it took so long but we are back up. We have lost about 3 months of data. We are working on better ways to protect this site from malicious users. We will update as soon as we are able to come up with a solution.

If you registered after Nov 19 2009, you will have to re-register. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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yes, because nothing screams "Las Vegas" more than BART!

that sucks...glad you are back!

Welcome back -- sucks that there are people with so little to do with their lives that they would hack into BartRage.


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I have to agree that the new site is a lot harder to read. I've never been fond of dark backgrounds. Is there any way for the user to change it their preferences?

So what does getting hacked mean for passwords and the like? Were they obfuscated somehow?

It wasn't a password type of hack. They took advantage of a security hole that was not patched. They flooded the site with garbage traffic therefore denying service to the server and eventually the ISP shut down the site. We plan to apply patches and security fixes as soon as they are announced.

Was a denial of service attack launched at bartrage.com? From bartrage.com? If the former, how'd you manage to lose all the data? If the latter, then, yes data was compromised.

it was launched at bartrage.com
we screwed up and our backup of the db wasn't working. The latest working one we had was back in Nov. We learned a lesson about doing our backups and TESTING them regularly from this.