Should BART use their $5 million surplus to temporarily lower fares?

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5% (1 vote)
85% (17 votes)
Don't Care
10% (2 votes)
Total votes: 20


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Given the state of the cars and the system in general, they should allocate that money to capital projects, or keep it as a buffer against future shortfalls.

There are so MANY delays due to "equipment problem on train" that I think maybe BART should spend the 5 million fixing the WORN OUT cars so there aren't so many delays. Like these pathetic, broken down, warn out, sardine cans are going to last until 2017. Get a clue BART, your friggin cars ARE WORN OUT NOW. Quit making 8 million dollar mistakes building new stations when you don't even have enough trains cars in good condition to support the system NOW. MORONS.

And how many years of teething problems will we see with the new fleet? Five mil might not rehab the whole fleet or even pay for one new rail car, but it might pay for enough preventative maintenance to make a difference.

From what I heard they will be starting up again in June so expect the single tracking through there.

I also vote to quiet the noise in the TRANS-BAY Tube; gheese, it has gotten unbearable. BART spent $17,000,000 on a second track grinder at least two years ago, and I have NOT NOTICED EVEN ONE NOISE improvement yet on the PBP line unless it is a refurbished train car. Some trains are more noisy through the TBT than others......