do you avoid BART on weekends becase of its limited service? please explain your answer in the comments

26% (6 votes)
57% (13 votes)
Don't Care
17% (4 votes)
Total votes: 23


Saturday service isn't bad, but Sunday service definitely is.

On Sundays they run a (pathetic) skeleton service. If you have a flight out of one of the BART-serviced airports, no trains arrive before 8:30am (OAK) or 9:00am (SFO), so you'd better not book a flight that leaves before 10 or 11am. Heck, you can't even make it to many church services on that schedule. With all of the weekend events in the Bay Area, Sunday service should match Saturdays - service starting at 6am and Richmond/Fremont-SF direct trains.

It sucks that Sunday service doesn't start until 8:00 a.m.

The 15 minutes at Lafayette on Saturday really bugs me; I am driving to Orinda from Bay Point just to avoid it because BART stops for five minutes at every SINGLE station BEFORE the delay at Lafayette.


Then, when the train has to back up and pick up some dumb bitch off the tracks, it's a 45 minute delay and that's before we get to lafayette.

Why BART Police don't ride the trains, I don't know because the trains are being taken over by mental cases.

Sorry not to complain, but I use BART on weekends. I just make sure to check real time arrivals on my phone, so I'm not hanging out on the platform for a long time. Like everyone else, I wish BART ran every 5 minutes 24/7.

I voted "no" because the reason I avoid BART on the weekends is that the demographics and conduct of the ridership on the weekends is even worse than during the week. Even if BART ran every 5 minutes on the weekends, I would still avoid it.

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Oops, I added the traditional "Don't Care" and it wiped out the votes :-/ sorry about that.

I avoid BART on the weekend not because of the service, but the thugs to play their boom boxes (yes, old school boom boxes) without headphones and the mental who hits on every Asian female who rides in the same car with him between SF and San Bruno.

I dont ride bart on the weekends to avoid the ghetto yard apes