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BART holds community meetings on two critical issues

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I'll admit it, I usually ignore these announcements for community meetings. I'm generally not interested enough in what they're talking about to care. However, this time around they're going to talk about the surplus money and using it for a temporary fare reduction.

When I posted the poll about whether temporary fare decreases are a good idea not too long ago, there was a better response than usual. I don't kid myself that anyone here really cares more than just to bitch about it. However:

If you all have some INTELLIGENT points you'd like to take to one of the meetings, and are too shy/apathetic/fat to go, I would be willing to represent. Post suggestions below before June 10. Keep in mind "Refurbish the trains because they suck" is not a good suggestion. "Refurbishing the trains is a better investment because..." is what I'm looking for. Bonus points for doing math.

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Is BART still claiming a $4.9

Is BART still claiming a $4.9 Million shortfall at the end of this year ...or next year? I seem to recall this still being the case. Meh , could be wrong

Are they really still tossing

Are they really still tossing around this idiotic idea for fare givebacks? A 3% or 5% reduction would save the average rider less than $2 per week, assuming he or she has an $8 round trip daily commute. It's insulting. If the Board wants to "thank" the riders, it should restore some evening/weekend service to make off peak wait times more convenient, or CLEAN the trains. Or save the money.

They don't want to expand

They don't want to expand service because the funding issues are so unstable. They have a surplus this year, but they may not have one next year. I believe one of the ideas besides a temporary fare reduction/fare increase delay is a one time deep cleaning of about 200 or so cars.

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Where did this money come

Where did this money come from all of a sudden? For years BART hasn't turned a good profit and we've always been hearing about short falls in the budget, we need to raise fares and cut service. Once they do that BART Management says we just squeaked by but we'll be okay.

Now as for what they need to spend it on are things like refurbishing a couple hundred of the cars. It would be a good investment because their new fleet will take a while to get here and these cars will have to last for about another 7-10 years. Some of the refurbished B and C type cars are starting to look a little run down (Mostly the C's, replace the lights at least some of them in the C cars look so dim). If there is anything left over put it aside for a rainy day. Who knows what the future holds.

Sacramento axed all state

Sacramento axed all state funding for public transportation for the last few years in order to help balance the budget. I'm not familiar with the specifics, but this year Sacramento was able to restore some of the funding it had cut off for public transportation. Since BART done some things to balance the budget before they found out the money was coming in, they found out they had a surplus when money from the state started flowing again.

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Makes sense, so they

Makes sense, so they basically ended up with some extra income.

Also keep in mind that the

Also keep in mind that the axing of that fund was illegal; it was money allocated for public transit by a ballot referendum a while back. The supreme court said that the state couldn't use that money for anything but transit but the state told us all to fuck off.

... Where did this money come

... Where did this money come from all of a sudden? ... You obviously don't know how BART works. Every four years (or three, as it used to be), BART is broke and on the edge of the abyss. Then, a few months after the labor agreements are signed, the higher ups and the Board vote themselves raises. After that, BART is flush with cash again. BART will do fine until 2013, i.e. when the current contracts run out, then they'll be talking about how poor they are.

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Can't go (home with an

Can't go (home with an injury), but in terms of defining "major service changes", the following makes sense to me:

  • Changing the scheduled opening hours.
  • Changing the scheduled time in the evening when arriving at any station in the system will still allow you to get to any other station in the system
  • Changing the scheduled destinations of, or stops along, any of the lines in the system.
  • Changing the scheduled frequency of trains along a line.

All the other stuff (length of trains or whatever) seems pretty minor to me.

Thanks for volunteering to show up, TreoBART!

Open and clean the bathrooms?

Open and clean the bathrooms?

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that would be pretty

that would be pretty awesome
fewer people pissing in the stations i bet

The Downtown Hayward station

The Downtown Hayward station smells like urine. Why don't they use part of the surplus to clean it up?

So does Embarcadero; I almost

So does Embarcadero; I almost died when coming up the escalator at Market and Davis I think it is. SO Yuck; I thought Embarcadero was one of the nicer stations.

Why was BART running a friggin five-car train when there was an A's game going on last Friday. Maybe they better spend that extra money on keeping on top of events. BART is only going to lose riders if they can't depend on getting on the train. I rode up to Powell and had a hard time getting on and that was before Oakland 12th Street.

Unbelievable crap service and of course, you have the puker in the corner and no a/c during all of this. Luckily, the A' crowd was pretty tame.

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apparently bart has so few

apparently bart has so few cars that they are running at almost 100% capacity all the time.
any time you complain about short trains they just say "LOL WE ARE RUNNING THEM ALL TOO BAD"

So it's official: Director

So it's official: Director Fang's plan sets aside more than half of the (now 4.5 million? Wow! This number fluctuates on a weekly, if not daily, basis!) surplus for a 3% fare reduction gimmick for four months. This would net a daily commuter with a $40 in weekly ticket fares about $1.20 a week, not even enough for the minimum fare. It would be nice if the BoD would be honest about the pure politics they're playing with public money: trying to score cheap points in an election year. HAHAHA, too bad that will never happen.

"The ability to express appreciation to our voters … I mean, to our riders." - Director Fang

It's even more crucial to use the money on maintenance or save it given that transit-unfriendly candidates like e-Meg may gain office in November and gut transit even more.

Why the heck are they

Why the heck are they bothering to hold all of these public meetings if they've already decided what to do with the surplus? The riders want more service, at least restored back to what it used to be, and some cleaner cars. Saving me $.10 on a trip doesn't say "Thank You, Longtime Riders" to me, as I'm stuck on a platform for 20 minutes just to sit on a dirty seat. In November, it's time to say "bye bye" to Keller, Fang, and Ward Allen - as they're trying to buy our votes with this decision. Thank you Gail Murray, Tom Blalock and Tom Radulovich!

I think the best way to use

I think the best way to use the surplus money would be to hire more extremely fat station agents because we just dont have enough of those.