Random Searches

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How would you all feel about this?

PATCO launches random searches of passengers

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Actually, I'm not as worried about getting blown up as I am the loss of my civil liberties. You know, that unlawful search and seizure stuff, and no, I don't have anything to hide.

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I never said I'd refuse. I do use air transportation, but I don't really feel that the TSA is anything more than an obstruction.

The point is that since 9/11, we as a nation seem all to ready to give up our freedom because of the perceived threat of terror. What was that thing that made this country so great and so different from others in the world? Oh yea, The Constitution. To bad things like these PATCO searches and the Patriot Act trample all over it.

Don't worry, you're not getting rid of me and my bike that easily. As a matter of fact, I've been able to get several of my coworkers to use their bikes and BART to commute to work.

Now get out of the door way so people can get on and off the train.

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Since this has kind of turned into a rant about our loss of freedoms since 9/11, I have to add this:

Lawsuit planned after protesters put on terror list

What the hell is going on (in PA again no less)? This is exactly what I'm talking about.

No, I'm not some sort of professional agitator from Berkeley. I'm just a guy from disturbia trying to make a living and support my family while chasing the American dream. :)

It would be even easier to put a bomb into one of the millions of normal-sized purses, briefcases, or backpacks that get carried on trains every day. Why bother with a huge, obvious suitcase?

One would think that with all the hate for BART employees here they would be the last people you would want ensuring your safety from terrorists.

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I think it's stupid. Searches are a joke, even in airports. Waste of time and money.

Oh yes, random searches and metal detectors too! Then the airlines won't be the only business that consistently violates human rights and continues to profit.

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it certainly seems like i am in the minority here, but i am not sure how random searches when public safety is at risk are such a violation of rights. one can make the arguement that BART isn't a target for terrorists, but i'd disagree. you could fit enough explosives in a small backpack to render the tube useless and bring the bay area to a screetching halt.

i have always had the belief that you aren't going to get busted for something if you are doing nothing wrong. sure there are people that get wrongfully accused and even convicted of things, but how many of those people didn't have a long rap sheet to begin with? it would be nearly impossible for me to be a "person of interest" in a crime, because i don't do shady things or hang around shady people/places.

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I know you can't be referring to me because a) I'm not a hippie (aging punk maybe) and b) I don't travel with pot. I will assume that you are still missing the point about the loss of your freedom.

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LOL, by chance are you a wannbe attorney? ;) I mean, you really are reading into things. I don't travel with knives, guns, nunchucks, or an IED either, it doesn't mean I have or don't have them.

Let's use a straw man here. I'm a farmer that works with diesel fuel and ammonium nitrate. The DHS has fancy new fangled testing device that can detect those chemicals and I get singled out. Am I a terrorist? Should I have to justify/defend that trace? Will I get put on some DHS/FBI watch list? I think effing no.

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I would like to see JoJo out and around more often.