Beware Bay Fair BART Riders! Towing Going On at Bay Fair Mall Parking Lot

If you're like me, you are use to being able to find free parking
at the Bay Fair BART station up until 10:00 am. Very suddenly, all
parking fills by like 8:30. Isn't this a bit strange?

So, I fell victim to the possible towing racket that it's probably going on with BART and the Bay Fair Mall parking security. I could not find parking at the station yesterday morning at about 9:00 am and had to be at work to get to a meeting. So, I parked at the mall lot and sure enough, my car got towed and ended up in a lot in one of the most dangerous areas of West Oakland. I had to pay $450 to get it out.

My question is, what's preventing some crooks to get some cars to fill more spaces at Bay Fair Mall earlier so that people who are just trying to get to work are forced to park at the mall and then get towed? I asked the guy at the towing place in Oakland and he said they are getting lots of cars from the Bay Fair Mall lot. At $450 a pop, that's a lot of money. So, you make your own conclusions. I hope that the Alameda County Sheriff Office looks into this.


The $6.00 non-carpool toll and the $2.50 carpool toll at SFOBB means more are taking BART. When Dublin/Pleasanton and Castro Valley BART stations fill up early, BayFair is the only big station option. BayFair allows you to take either a Dublin or Fremont train into San Francisco, so it's attractive.

Update: Here's an article about the "trend" since congestion pricing across the SFOBB took effect:

The BayFair mall have posted signs throughout the property warning about the consequences of parking in the mall and walking over to use BART. So easy to spot someone parked in the fringe area, exiting the car and walking straight over the bridge to BART. Cars are towed to western Oakland? If that's the case, that's a "brutal" tow on your car on the Nimitz. Rest assured it was towed faster than 55mph with the trans in "N" but the drivetrain still spinning. OUCH!

Where exactly do you think the corrupt mall parking cops are finding all these spare cars to use for their nefarious plot?