What happened to Operator9 and BartBabe?

Did they leave the this site? Maybe they got tired of the complaints.

I seem to remember BARTBabe saying she liked the ferry and was using that now...

I heard a rumor that since they were BART employees, they were told by BART that they shouldn't post under their names. I'm curious if "ALL" BART employees were told not to make comments on this site.

Nope, nothing has come down from management telling us not to post on this site, yet.

I would think it's a freedom of speech issue anyway.

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This site is being watched by way more BART employees than you think. I personally know it is marked as a favorite link on more than one BART police computer. Many train operators/agents are aware of it and I wouldn't be suprised if Tom himself checks in once in a while...

Yes, he commutes on the trains right there with you.

Who cares, it's a public transit agency... Nothing will ever change, let them watch this site all they want.

so, let them read, but still send in comment cards or the online comment page so it's recorded.

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Sorry, didn't mean to give any big brother vibe. I meant to say lots of us working here surf through once in a while, I usually try to help/inform on what I know about. Apologies to all.

Tom, as in Tom Margo, General Manager of BART? If that is true, than he must be one blind motherfucker...he has been GM for the past 10 years? This buffoon has not done one damn thing right to date. Apparently he doesn't see his tired worn out transit system falling apart right before his eyes!

Clean and tidy; clean smelling air; on-time, no nasty homeless or fare jumpers.

that is cal-train by the way.

If BART had Caltrain's ridership, BART would be clean and tidy too. It's easy to keep your trains and buses clean when you don't carry any passengers. Plus, Caltrain has conductors so it's a lot harder for someone to hang out on a train who isn't paying or just riding the rails all day.

You must be Tom Margo, deaf, dumb, AND blind.