It's about time to get rid of the track screeching.

I don't know about you guys but the transbay tube is so noisy now. It's really loud.
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I really don't think there's anything they can do about it. A special vehicle grinds imperfections out of the track regularly and constantly - and they have a new one on the way... But... The noise seems to be inherent in the system.

I can't listen to audio-books and half the time my music is lost in the din but at least I can read. I feel sorry for people who have long BART commutes.

yes, hopefully this new plan will help lessen the noise. It's already a pain travelling from Pittsburg/Bay Point to Daly City 4 times a week.

i noticed some trains aren't as noisy as others. the track noise definitely hurts my ears, even with headphones on. when the trains sway from side to side, that makes me feel like they are going to fall off the tracks.

i happened to ride cal-train recently and found that to be much more pleasurable than BART; there is a little track noise but nothing like BART. boy, was i enjoying the fresh air on the train instead of riding in a car that smells like urine which is the case 80% of the time on BART. i also enjoyed sitting in a seat that didn't look like someone used it for a toilet first.

i think the people that manage cal-train should manage BART.

Of course Caltrain is clean, they don't carry any passengers. Of course it's quieter, Caltrain doesn't have many tunnels. Have you ever ridden through a tunnel on Amtrak? Trains make noise, especially in tunnels. The problem is that the insulation in the cars is worn and the sound penetrates the vehicle. The rails get ground regularly and the train wheels are trued regularly. Maybe someone from maintenance could give a primer on the noise. It's generally only noisey in the curves.

There are a lot of reasons for the noisy trains. The primary reason is that the wheels at both ends of the cars are fixed along an axis line and when the train is in a curve the friction greatly increases raising the noise level especially since the wheels and tracks are both high grade steel. If you want a quiet ride try the Paris Metro most of that systems trains have rubber tires.

Lets face it folks, BART was poorly designed 30+ years ago, is/has been poorly maintained and is/has been poorly managed. Suck it up and get over it if you want to ride on BART 'cause it ain't never going to change until some people get fired which isn't going to happen either.

Quite a few people were riding it when I wrote it last but no homeless and no thugs; there is someone checking the tickets on the train. Cal-Train crowd is much nicer than BART's. The air was ten times better too. I was enjoying that so much I decided to forget about transferring at Millbrae and took Cal-Train to the City even though it is a bit of a hike to Powell Street BART. BART needs to fire whomever needs to get fired and fix the dam system. They collect plenty of money; there is no excuse for the crappy condition of the system and the lack of security.

Its a preventive measure, to discourage bridge and tunnel trash from coming to the City.

Good to see its working.

As a railbuff, the noise don't bother me that much. Admittedly though, the decibels could be decreased by several notches so that my eardrums aren't being pushed to the limit. Gotta tell ya guys, Chicago trains are atrociously loud too.

Californians, especially those in the Bay Areas, are professional whiners--about everything.

I don't think it's unreasonable that people are complaining about this.


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I heard that Paris trains have rubber wheels. I believe they're still electric so how's that done? I mean I hear, (pun intended) that they're some of, if not THE quietest trains around. Perhaps rubber gaskets so that the outside of the wheels are still touching the metal to conduct electricity? Anyone know anything about those trains? I looked briefly but couldn't find anything.
Happy Riding!

Look in Wikipedia under "third rail" to see a photo and notes.

Montreal has what seem to be the same setup, IIRC.


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