Team Spirit

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Civic Center was all dressed up for the game. There was a huge group of people watching the game on the lawn of City Hall when I left. I snapped a picture of the closed info booth that one of the employees decorated:

Giant Info Booth


BART keeps closing all the extra booths at stations. Had to walk two blocks to get an agent, then we had to walk to blocks back to where my card was stuck.

Agent said to send in a complaint on their website. She was nice though.

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This one has been closed for at least a year. Fortunately, the other entrance isn't that far away, which I'm guessing is why they closed it. I've had to point a few people over to the other side as they stood there puzzling over whether someone was in the mirrored booth or not. They really should put up a sign.

It's a fare evader's paradise though. Guess it shows how much they care about catching evaders.

Fare evasion is very low priority. It is only an infraction.

Kinda like misuse of the discount tickets is NO priority.

Simply be willing to pay if anyone says anything.

I have seen it said over and over again on these boards that "fare evasion is a low priority." Is that an official BART stance, i.e., is BPD told not to focus on it? And whether it is an official policy or just tradition at BART, why? Is it because perceived costs and dangers outweigh benefits? Is it because BART believes that the percentage of fare evaders to paying riders is low? Has BART studied how much they lose to fare evasion?

It just seems to me that the people who I see hopping the fare gates or taking the elevators straight to street level are often the same people who cause other problems on the train -- eating, putting their feet on the seats, listening to music pumped through their lame cell phone speaker, etc. And I don't know what "high priority" issues are on BART, but presumably they involve fights, weapons, and other dangers. Has BART ever tried to determine what percentage of the people they encounter for these more "serious" issues had not paid their fare?

I saw a memo once that told the agents not to focus on fare evasion since that was bart police job. If I remember right it was after the whole oscar grant thing and it said catch and release.

The police can cite for fare evasion, but in my 40 years have never seen anyone cited that got caught and had the money available just in case. People that just kept walking after an officer (not an agent) sais stop got a ticket.

I also heard from an officer that the discount tickets are not able to be cited because of some legal problem about the warning on the back not being sufficient.

Someone should ask a DA or attorney unless there is an officer on here willing to be honest. Yes it is illegal, yes the police will do something if done in front of them. But have also seen a blind eye turned when it is a red ticket.

Kinda like bringing your pitbull on BART and once the magic words of "service dog" are uttered the conversation is over.

Bartcynic, I am sure it is not a written policy, but if you own a business and get most of your money from taxes, and had your own security.. Would you be citing your riders hardcore? Think if safeway cited people each time a customer went grazing through the produce section and didn't pay.

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i think the difference with the safeway example is that people might taste test a few grapes, but they have a cart full of other crap that they are paying for. people who fare evade at bart are just a total drain on the system with absolutely zero upside.

you can bet that if a bum came into safeway and started eating grapes, he would be promptly asked to leave.

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Strange logic...... So I guess if I bought a two dollar ticket and took a three dollar ride, then I should not get in trouble because I paid most of my fare? If that is the case I could have an extra double mocha every week with the five dollars I saved.

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no. most people that taste grapes are tasting them because they want to buy them if they aren't sour. they aren't eating handfuls of produce simply because they are hungry.

there is a big difference between eating a couple grapes that amount to $0.02 worth before paying for a cart full of $200 in groceries, vs. going into a bart station with a minimum value ticket and then jumping the faregate at the exit station.

besides, if you asked the clerk restocking the produce aisle if you could taste the grapes, they would absolutely say yes. if you asked a cop or SA if you could fare evade, what do you think they would say?

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I was headed home, so I wasn't involved in all that nonsense.