Something is wrong... BM kills WF and aquitted (OJ). No protesting, blacks cheer..

Same court WM law abiding, no criminal record, with a job to put criminals in jail, accidentally kills BM and gets convicted.

Also everyone seems to agree that if both were of the same race noone would care.

People only seem to care if a White kills a black... Black on Black in Oak just seems like life to them..

I am of mix race and confused.

Blacks also seem to have race constantly a part of their conversations. Other races, even those of darker color than african americans, don't .. (and as black I mean african american, since blacks of other races and darker don't seem to be this way)

Still a pity, if Johannes was black, or rich, scenario would have been different.

Does anyone know of a link with Oscars and Johannes police, personal credit and school record to compare with Mehserlys? I want to get a fair picture of both of their pasts..

I believe this is a horrible tragedy, OG should still be alive, his family has every reason to feel as it does.. I am mainly shocked at the mob, the people that were not there. I believe their perception of this white police officer is wrong and Mehserly is suffering from a public opinion. Not his fault for being white.. a pity he is not black. Mehserly should have been better trained and either still protecting us, or get another job if he wasn't police material.

Sorry for misspelling or rambling, posting by IPhone.

Don't flame, but what are other perceptions out there?

You think someone's personal credit and school records should determine whether it is ok to kill them?

Didn't say that.. But OG is used as a Martyr.. Is he simply a pawn due to the color of skin.. OR was he actually a fine upstanding citizen of Oakland..

He didn't deserve to die either way, but the way people live their lives represents what type of person they were. Could he have been the type of person to have done anything to draw the attention to himself.

Was he a normal Oakland ghetto youth that cant seem to have a day where he says "F___ This" or N-word that, with run-ins with the police and possibly had a felony or two and a heartbeat away from being in a cage as a 3 striker paid for by us taxpayers..


Is he a typical American black male youth, upstanding, possibly could go on to bigger and better things, think Oprah, Obama, or any long list of names, or simply a normal member of society. Had ambitions of a career, after college, maybe sports..

Same with Mehserly, was he a killer that got into the police force, had problems with authority, was a racist, had a police record.. Or was he a upstanding citizen with ambitions of career, college, working hard at whatever and had a horrible horrible accident?


OR think about this..
1) If you were driving down the road dropped your coffee swerved and accidentally killed someone.

or 2) Mehserly, went to draw his taser and accidentally killed someone with the other tool he carries on his belt..

Which is worse? Well it's illegal to be doing anything that distracts you while driving.. So #1 you killed someone doing an illegal act..

OR 2... Mehserly accidentally killed someone while doing something he was legally supposed to do (fire his taser to gain compliance of a non-compliant individual.. Note: judge already said it was legal for him to have used the taser.)

I agree that it should be ok for the police to kill someone if there is a chance that we might find out that the person may have done something bad in the past.

You think the punishment for those things should be execution? That is some seriously crazy shit my friend.

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you read into things too much. the way i read it, bartarded is saying that OG wouldn't have been in the situation he was in (being wrestled to the floor by cops, an attempted cuffing and attempted tasing) if he wasn't being an asshole thug in the first place.

did he deserve to get shot? no

did meserhle intend to shoot him? no

it was an unfortunate accident and i firmly believe that it would have never happened if OG wasn't being a drunken asshole.

You too are saying that getting killed by a police officer shouldn't be an unexpected consequence of acting like an asshole. Do you also think that women who don't dress conservatively shouldn't be surprised when they get raped?

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when a police officer tells you to shut the fuck up and sit down, you should do just that.

we are talking about a thug acting like an ass on bart, who 100% deserved to be tased but was accidentially shot. i don't see even a remote connection between this situation and raping someone who doesn't dress amish. you don't accidentially slip roofies in someones drink, accidentially throw them in a cab, accidentially drag them into your apartment and accidentially have sex with them. even if both parties really want sex, it takes a conscious effort to remove clothing and slip one's privates into or around another persons privates. sex cannot happen by accident.

now we're totally off topic and i'm going to have to ban myself. thanks.

Things boopiejones et al. think deserve the death penalty:

1. Violating parole.
2. Abusing prescription narcotics.
3. Fighting in public & causing a disturbance.
4. Resisting arrest.
5. Not obeying police officers.

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things withak needs to learn how to do:


Everyone acts like Oscar Grant played NO part in getting shot. He was on probation so he shouldn't have been out drinking, drugging and fighting. He should have shut-up and sat there on the platform if he was going to violate probation. He should have been home taking care of his daughter. They act like Oscar Grant as 100% innocent; ridiculous. OG's father is serving LWOP for murder since like 1985. The wrongful death suit speaks volumes because he went to jail when OG was what 4?

I agree if it was a white-on-white or black-on-black shooting, no one would give a shit.

I think M should have gotten probation. He's been through enough and he got a raw deal in all of this.

If OG was behaving on BART instead of fighting, he would here now. It's as plain and simple as that. You reap what you sew. I have no sympathy for OG whatsoever.

I am sick and tired of these punks like Oscar Grant on BART. OG probably didn't even pay for his BART ride that night but everyone else has had to pay for this idiot.

I agree that partying should be a capital offense, and the police should be authorized to perform summary executions as necessary.

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If I were Mehserle, I would suck it up, finish out my 2 and a half months or so of jail time in protective custody, and high tail it out of the state to somewhere they've never heard of this case as soon as I got out. It sucks he would have to give up and have to leave, but his life is already wrecked, and you know there are punks out there who will never leave him or his family alone.

I'm really tired of having to hear about this case.

Mesherle will have to leave because he and his family are NOT safe in California. PERIOD. That's why he left in the first place -- death threats and lots of them against him and his family.

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It's sad to me that people would threaten to kill his baby as revenge, and that's exactly what was going on before the trial. Seriously, what is wrong with people?

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you have to remember that these are the same people who marched in rallies protesting the death of a cop killer/child molester.

i really think the people that do this are a very small minority of the population. unfortunately they are a crazy-ass, drug induced, highly vocal, small minority.

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I blame the media for things getting as out of hand as they have been. As soon as the world series was over they were repeating over and over how Oakland was bracing for riots and doing interviews and all the boarded up windows, talking about the police presence, etc.

Yes, it's news. Yes, they're reporters and should talk about it. Talk about it after it happens, if it happens! All that harping on how bad it's going to be is just giving those people who are not going to protest peacefully the attention they are looking for. Hype up the candlelight vigils and peaceful rallies and donations to a charity of choice to stop violence. Don't give the punks all that extra face-time and get everyone whipped up into a frenzy with talking heads all day long.

The crazy ones who threaten babies are a very small minority, as are the ones who are actually setting things on fire. Maybe if the media gave their attention to the people protesting in the way they should and showed the punks getting carted off to jail instead of interviewing them while they have stolen shoes in their hands, it would help diffuse these situations.

They didn't riot in SF, they didn't riot in walnut creek. Cameras there..

It is Oakland, what do you expect. It's almost more dangerous to walk around city of Oak than country of iraq.

Who cares anyway, at least they vandalize and kill their own. Just sad when a good innocent person gets hurt.