More on North Berkeley BART area armed robberies

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icrew is having some trouble posting, so I'm passing this along for him.

NBC Bay Area covered [1] the community meeting about the string of robberies around the North Berkeley BART station. They point out that the robber very well may be targeting people leaving BART.

The Berkeley PD also have more info [2] on this.

I was at the meeting. The three tips that resonated the most with me were:

  • Stay alert (avoid using your phone, ipod, etc.) as you walk. Pay attention to the people around you.
  • If something makes you feel uncomfortable, trust that instinct. That's what you've got instincts for. There's no harm--beyond maybe a tiny embarrassment--in crossing the street, going the other way, walking into a business, or whatever.
  • Program the number for the police into your cell phone (Berkeley emergency: 510-981-5911, BART: 877-679-7000) and don't feel shy about reporting a suspicious person. Calling the direct number from a cell phone will get you to someone who can help faster than calling 911. (911 is still better from a landline because the police will then know exactly where you're calling from immediately.)

These are probably good safety tips regardless of which BART station you're leaving.

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That thought/question was actually asked and answered at the meeting: This robber may have been targeting people leaving BART, but they don't think he was using BART to escape--the evidence of where and when the stolen credit cards were used apparently pointed more to the likelihood of him using a car.

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They've just announced that they caught the guy--see my most recent post.