Another 1.5 hours to get home? Seriously?

I have never experienced such problems and issues on BART. A delay of 10 minutes turned to 15-20, then 30 -45, then "continuing major delays".

I thought and HOPED that since it was a Friday before a holiday weekend, things would be much lighter and it'd be a quicker trip home. Not so much. I finally gave up and hopped onto another train thinking I'd transfer and just deal with the crush for the rest of the ride. Then I find the train I was on ended up being turned around at Embarcadero. Not to mention the complete crush of people at that station, complete with some idiot yelling "MOVE MOVE MOVE!" as he attempted to get on the train I was on.

Didn't have a chance to see how it ended, but I think a bunch of people spat back in unison: "Take the next train!" because there a bunch of grins and chuckles after I heard something that sounded like that.

Figured I'd ride back to Mission to escape the downtown crowd, and again, waited another half an hour, only to hear there was now a medical emergency at West Oakland. *Sigh*. It was, however, worth it to hear the Central Control person (I think?) give yet another announcement, only to pause at the end and say, "That was lame." Not sure if he did it on purpose or if he had forgotten to turn off the mike, but it was a good chuckle.

If I had known I would have definitely gotten off somewhere in SF and gone shopping or gotten something eat or even back into the office to stay warm and dry. Last night was completely and utterly ridiculous, with various TOs announcing on their trains that they didn't know exactly what the issue was at various times, other than they would have to wait and they apologized for the inconvenience.

Normally I get home at 6:30. Last night I didn't get home till past 8. It was completely ridiculous.

If....or should I say when a situation like that happens again ask the station agent to stamp the ticket for re-entry.

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I had to do that once when the platform was packed because of some massive system delay due to some disabled train at montgomery. I went to the agent and asked if I could exit without being charged because of the delay, she took my ticket scanned it on her machine. Wrote out a slip (don't remember what it said) she said hand it to the agent when I decided to go back. Decided to have a quick drink with a friend then go back. Gave the slip to the agent that was there was told go on through and that was the end.

I'm picturing a bunch of highly-trained BART train mechanics riding on one of those old-timey handcars with the see-saw handles all the way from one end of the track to West Oakland because the power is off.

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With old-timey mustaches and overalls LOL

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I happened to have to drive home on Friday because I had the company car, and the evening commute was just as bad. It took me 30 minutes just to go from my office to the freeway onramp, and another hour from there. That's double what it normally is, for me at least.