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Biologists Find Drug Resistant Bacteria on BART seats. What kind of seat should the new cars have?

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14% (5 votes)
44% (16 votes)
31% (11 votes)
8% (3 votes)
Don't Care
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 36
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How about stainless steel.

How about stainless steel. Except for the fact people will steal them for scrap value.

Unless you are licking BART

Unless you are licking BART seats or have an open wound on your ass and aren't wearing any clothes, your chances of getting infected are about as good as winning the powerball. Those of us who have long BART commutes appreciate the comfort of the padded cloth seats.

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It's not just about disease,

It's not just about disease, Sherlock. Getting rid of cloth seats and carpets would get rid of that awful smell that lingers in so many BART cars.

Cleaning piss, shit, and vomit out of fabric is expensive, time consuming, and difficult.

In case your head has been up

In case your head has been up your ass for the last few years, they are getting rid of the carpets (notice how those cars don't smell nearly as bad as those with carpet?) and I don't think there is a single rider against that. What many of us are against is sitting on a hard piece of plastic for up to an hour.

Yeah, but when someone barfs

Yeah, but when someone barfs on the new floors, you had better get outta the way because the splash factor is GREAT! Also, all kinds of other urine type liquid comes traveling down underneath the seats from the rear of the car so you had better wear your flood pants. I do like the floors though, I just don't like the barfing drunks and homeless you think BART is their bathroom. Why doesn't BART keep D.O.D. people out of the system? They would save a lot of money. Hello Station Agent. In Japan, they would immediately and clean up the mess so it doesn't travel downward when BART puts on the brakes. Stop and Go doesn't help either. I saw one guy nail at least four people. I noticed BPD has disappeared again too. For a couple of weeks, they stepped it up on the trains but now they are gone. It would help if they were kicking them off the trains.

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Oh wow, looks like we got a

Oh wow, looks like we got a regular Einstein here, folks!

Are you so stupid that you don't realize that PEOPLE VOMIT, SHIT, AND PISS ON THE FUCKING SEATS TOO?

It's even WORSE on the seats because the foam inside them acts like a fucking SPONGE so a seat that looks dry and clean may have a big urine-soaked sponge inside it waiting to unleash when you sit down on it.

If your comment is any indication, it looks like the people who are in favor of keeping the current seats are morons.

Fucktard, It sounds like you


It sounds like you have first-hand knowledge of people vomiting, shitting, and pissing on the seats. Do you have a problem keeping your bodily fluids to yourself? Been sharting recently in your seat or something? If you don't like the seats, then DON'T SIT ON THEM! You do realize everything you might come into contact by riding on BART or by sitting on a BART seat you would likely come into contact somewhere else during the day, right? Its not as if they found some new, unheard of, BART-only disease or bacteria in these seats. What do you think would happen if they similarly tested a cloth seat from an airplane that had been in service for many years? Would you like to sit on a hard, plastic seat on your next flight across the country? I'm not saying the cloth seats are perfect (new anti-microbial technologies could be used to lessen or prevent bacterial growth in the padding and cover material of new seats), but for a long-haul BART rider who isn't hung up on who sat in my seat last, the cloth seats are my preference.

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Butthurt alert! Looks like

Butthurt alert! Looks like the big baby is throwing a tantrum!

Are you really telling me you've never ridden a late-nite BART home and seen the drunks barfing and pissing all over the place? What a sad, lonely life you must live out there in the fucking sticks!

Airplane seats are just as dirty? What kind of crack are you smoking? When's the last time you saw a HOBO on an airplane, hmmm? When have you EVER seen an airplane seat anywhere near as visibly filthy as most BART seats? Hell, if you're going to make such a stupid comparison I have to doubt you have ever even been on an airplane!

It's not about being "hung up on who sat in my seat last," it's about cloth seats being more expensive to clean and replace, which means shittier service and dirtier seats for everybody because they have to waste money on it. Plastic or vinyl seats would SAVE MONEY.

If you want a cushion for your butthurt derriere, just bring your own.

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Well, since you asked, a few

Well, since you asked, a few years back I was flying Southwest to Denver and not only did I see a bum, I saw a BART bum on the plane. I think her name was Randy (?) she was in one of those motorized wheelchairs piled up with all kinds of plastic bags full of stuff. She actually tried to yell her BART panhandle (I need money for my prescriptions...) from the front of the plane, but the flight attendants politely told her to shut the hell up :-D

I've seen that piece of shit

I've seen that piece of shit in action before; the amazing thing is that people actually
give her money....

I think they should have

I think they should have taken some swabs from an assortment of office chairs and living room couches for comparison.

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Most BART trains are visibly

Most BART trains are visibly filthy.

If my couch, carpet, or chairs looked as bad as BART cars do I'd throw them out.

What genius thought up the

What genius thought up the idea of putting FABRIC cushions and carpet in a mass transit mobile?! Jesus Christ on a bike. The crud in my couch cushions can't be anywhere near the toxic breeding ground that's in those "plush" BART cars aka mobile petri dish. The interior of the cars should be made of steel and hard plastic. Just throw massive amounts of bleach in those cars and hose em down at night. Problem solved.

It was a major selling point

It was a major selling point of the system way back in the day. Suburb-dwellers weren't going to give up their their cars to sit in plastic seats on uncarpeted trains.

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Voted for cloth--plastic

Voted for cloth--plastic seats would get so wet/slimy on a hot day....lots of transit agencies have cloth seats (e.g. AC Transit, London Underground), so that's not a big deal.

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AC Transit & MUNI have thin

AC Transit & MUNI have thin cloth pads on plastic seats --- Not the same as BART's cushions, which act like sponges for filth & bacteria.

I voted for cloth too. I

I voted for cloth too. I hate plastic and I hate Muni's seats.

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I've been thinking about this

I've been thinking about this whole thing and I actually changed my vote. I think a good compromise would be plastic seats with vinyl padding that can easily be wiped down. It would make BART's cleanup job easier and it would give the more paranoid out there the option to keep wipes with them and effectively wipe the seat down before they sit. It would me more comfortable than straight up hard plastic seats, even though they'd still have to be replaced more often.

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well said.

well said.

I used to see her on BART all

I used to see her on BART all the time too. Hopefully, she doesn't fly back!

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You know, I haven't seen her

You know, I haven't seen her since? I'll look for her when I'm in Denver later this month LOL

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I was just sitting on BART on

I was just sitting on BART on the way home yesterday and a homeless man sat across from me. So you make your own judgement if you want to sit in that seat.