Scented Products

How come those that enter the BART Board room can not have applied themselves in scented products, but some scumbag with his shorts filled with every excriment the human body can produce can drag his filthy ass onto a BART car and fill the car with stench for a forty mile ride home for the surrounding patrons in the aluminum tuna can, recent publicity even shows they leave nuggets in the fabric seats for all the paying patrons to enjoy. like a movie bon bon........get priorties straight....ride the trains of the

scented products of booze, alcohol, drugs and misfits

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I was completely ready to delete this as spam when I read the subject line, heh.

I think someone drenched in perfume can be almost as bad as someone with bad BO, but not even close to some of the people I have smelled. I've seen entire cars cleared out by one guy. Next time I see one I'm calling bart pd. It stinks to see people have to stand during rush hour because some bum thinks it's nap time