Unconscious derelicts during commute hours

This morning I get on the crowded train only to find that there's an unconscious derelict in the section with facing seats. He is in an outside seat with his feet laid out across the opposite seat, effectively blocking access for the other 3 seats. I tried to rouse him by saying "excuse me" a couple of times. Then failing that I tried to shake him awake. He was either too wasted to wake up, or pretended he didn't hear me.
Others in the car just shrugged and gave me that "what else can you do" look.
So, I look into the next car and notice some empty seats. I make my way into the adjacent car only to find that the seats are vacant because another unconscious vagrant is stinking so badly that no one will sit anywhere near him.
It's bad enough that BART is still running 8 car trains at peak commute hours and cramming us tighter than sardines in a can, but it should be illegal to have to give up seating space because the decay of western civilization make it impossible to use the seats.
Isn't this a public health issue? Can something not be done?

you could start by contacting the train operator with the button/speaker at the end of each car, or call the BART police. Not sure what their reaction would be, but at least it's better than trying to roust a passed-out dude who has no clue that the commute is occurring in his midst. People are so obsessed with getting a seat, that eventually someone will just sit next to them, though. I've seen people sit next to a pile of puke and pretend like it wasn't there. The best thing about BART is that you can move from car-to-car until you find a spot to your liking. Can't do that on muni or most subways.

Calling the TO is probably the best thing to do. In my years of riding BART, this has happened twice (to my knowledge). Both times some guy was sleeping in the train. The first time when the officer came by it was clear he was just using BART to sleep in. The second time was rather hilarious--the passenger went to the next car to make the call, but the TO blared his responses so the entire train could hear. "He's sleeping? Okay. He probably smells too, right?" I really don't know exactly why the smelly part came up, but there it was. BART police escorted this second sleeping gentleman out as well.

Some people really do want a seat. I never sat next to puke, but definitely did sit next to some nacho cheese that was all over the outer seat once.

I ride to Daly City (end of the line for my trains). I regularly see people who are sleeping/passed out and don't realize that the train has come to the end of the line-never sure whether to wake them up, seek medical attention, tell the T.O. etc. I'm glad to know this now.