Morning Commute Gay Love Fest

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First let me premise this post by saying that I am a lesbian and have nothing against anyone being gay. That being said this morning on the way in (about 7:45 AM) this male chubby,couple got on the already packed train. One was clearly in his 40's and the other in his 20's. They were standing right next to me and because of where I was standing they had me cornered so I had no where else to go. At first I thought they might be father and son because the young one was standing to close to the other. But soon it evolved into sharing an Ipod, giggling and rubbing against each other. Eventually there was some kissing as well. During the whole escapade they were going between English and Hindi (yes I know some Hindi) with comments that were so NOT appropriate for public much the less a very packed BART train. I wanted so bad to move but the train was so packed I couldn't. I was really uncomfortable. I could tell other people were trying to inch farther away and I did get a few sympathy looks.

I really try to be open-minded and easy going but this REALLY annoyed me. It just isn't something anyone should do on a crowded train and so inconsiderate. YUCK!

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trust me you don't want pics of this particular couple ;-)

Sounds like it was time to join in!

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Knock yourself out....


You would think last night being Cinco De Mayo, BART would have been running longer than five-car trains for the AGAIN LATE 11:38 train, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The commute home SUCKED SO BAD. I keep thinking of Dugger getting that big pay out, the new BART SEAT display, the book machine at Millbrae and we have to ride home at midnight packed like sardines. SUCKS, SUCKS, and SUCKS!

Maybe the younger guy was a manwhore. I have seen several couples on BART that look like they are ho-john couples, and they are almost always behaving inappropriately and are usually on morning trains but look like they've been up all night. Good for the economy, I guess.

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I was on a packed Dublin/Pleasanton and there was a young couple sitting across the aisle from me was rounding second. It made me feel quite uncomfortable, I switched cars. But my god shoving your hand up your girlfriends shirt is not BART approved entertainment.