Everyone please be careful out there!

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The murderer johannes mehserle was released back into the public to enjoy the rest of his wonderful life after receiving the most minor of punishments for murdering an innocent BART rider. But once a murderer, always a murderer. There is a very high likelihood he will murder again. Be on the lookout for this man johannes mehserle, if he is spotted, stay away. He has proven himself to be a very dangerous individual.

Rest in Peace Mr. Oscar Grant!

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Of course it was an accident. It was an accident because a white cop shot a black man in the back while he was restrained on the ground.
Turn the tables around and have a black man shoot a white cop in the back to the point that he is killed (has to penetrate his vest) and that black man will be lucky to spend the rest of his life in jail. Most likely, he will receive the death penalty.
Murder is murder, regardless of what the corrupt courts think.

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You know, I think this may be the only thing I agree with you on.

+1 @treoBart

Just so I am clear on your "view"

He was convicted of Murder ...when?

By using the "logic" you example here (Once a murderer always a murderer) Mr Grants documented history of criminal acts would mean...once a criminal always a criminal , correct?

One more, if we were to REALLY turn the table on this situation (as you tried to do above but...forget a few VERY important details), it would be an African American officer shooting an unarmed , uncooperative , Caucasian Man while on the ground .... not in cuffs.

What you fail to understand is that a regular citizen has NO valid reason to be carrying a loaded firearm and aiming it at a police officer. So, if a man (black, white, or whatever) shot a cop in the back, there would be NO justifiable reason for that, and of course the situation would turn out differently in terms of the trial/sentencing.

However, police officers (black, white or whatever) are required to carry loaded firearms, and use them to carry out their duties in enforcing the law and protecting themselves and the public. It is completely legitimate for a police officer to point a loaded firearm at a person in certain situations. As a result, the courts and the jury have to take that into consideration as a mitigating circumstance in such cases. Officers are also generally protected from being criminally charged for shooting/killing someone in the line of duty, because the state and general public recognize that they have equipped and trained officers such that this may happen from time to time in order for the officer to defend his/her life, and/or the lives of others. If a cop had to face criminal charges every time he fired his weapon, we'd have no cops (or they'd end up dead a lot more) because they'd waste precious, life saving time worrying about whether they'll be sent to jail for doing their job.

So, your comparison is about as valid as comparing apples and oranges.

Don't want to get shot?

Then try not acting like a fool in public, and resisting arrest when the police detain you. I do it every day, and look... I've never been shot!

Also, you're showing your extreme bias/ignorance by calling Mehserle a "murderer". He did not commit murder. He committed manslaughter - and thus he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Here's some light educational reading so you can understand the difference: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/homicide-murder-manslaughter-32637.html;jsessionid=7C462E5F9ED5326EAD35A24A591B6318

Lastly, I feel perfectly safe with Mehserle free. He had no prior criminal history or trouble with the law. And he made a tragic mistake for which he apologized, showed remorse, and served his time quietly. I have no doubt that Mehserle will reintegrate back into society, get a job, focus on raising his family, and become a productive member of society who never re-offends again. And that's more than Oscar Grant could have said when he was alive, considering his lengthy rap sheet, and the fact that he was violating his parole that NYE (and knew that he was about to go back to prison for parole violation, leading him to resist arrest).

I'll take a person who accidentally kills another, but is otherwise an upstanding citizen, over someone who is a multiple convicted felon ANY day.

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Anyone with a lick of common sense who have seen the cell phone videos, know it was an accident. The people who have turned this into a racial issue, are the racists. If it were an Asian cop who shot Grant, would the same thing happen? Or even is the cop was Black, would the same thing happen? No, it was a White cop, so the antagonists turned this into a reason to get their faces in the cameras and microphones, to keep the seperation/exclusion/mistrust between the races alive. Frankly, I don't care what Grant did, he didn't deserve to be shot, but rational people know from the evidence provided, it was a awful accident. This wasn't a case of police brutality and it wasn't murder. Now, you do have to realize Grant had a hand in his own killing. He was where he wasn't supposed to be, doing things he wasn't supposed to. Keep your ass out of the fire, and you won't get burned...right?

Lastly, I am ashamed of my fellow co-workers who participate in the rallies that call this murder and racism. You want to draw attention to police brutality and police misconduct...fine. But to continue to call Mehserle a murderer and racist, is asinine and hateful, especially when you know the truth. Your words mean nothing to me, I will never trust anything you say, and I damn sure won't vote for you in any Union election. You are all racists and liars to me.

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This certainly is a thread of firsts.

@caintgetright I feel the same way.

the only reason this is still in the news is so the leach Burris can collect his $$$$$$

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he is the reason this won't die...he has to keep it in the press until he has the civil trial wrapped up, then he will "recommend" to the family that one of his associates invest their $ with them and he will get another kickback...scum of the earth

...which you will have to do because the adult form of the larvae have devised a system where you are fucked unless you are a larvae or pay a lot of money to one.

To be honest, I have more fear of some of the people I see getting on the train in West Oakland or MacArthur than I would of Johannes Mehserle. At least once a day you read about someone in those neighborhoods being gunned down. It's not that often that you hear about cops shooting someone who is innocent.