BART Employees/Family ride for free???

Why in all of these talks/discussions do people forget or not discuss how much lost revenue there is because the riders subsidize the employees free rides, but not just their rides, their families, their friends etc...makes me sick!

Employee, spouse, and dependant children (up to 23 years old if going to school). This is fairly standard practice in the transportation industry, including airlines.

I agree with the airlines...these are private companies...BART uses public funds...therefore this is why I have a fundamental issue with this.

Like others have said...friends do NOT ride free.

That being said,

I do not use BART , I can't commute on it as my work hours start when it is closed.
I only ever use BART on the VERY RARE S.F. trip, otherwise I drive.

I would imagine having BART employees "ride free" while on the clock would be one of the economic reasons for the "free ride" perk. Makes sense to have them just ride the train rather than spend $15k plus for a vehicle on standby at all times.

Tracking employees riding "off shift" could get interesting...I know more than a few who work different shifts and massive amounts of overtime...rendering a "before start time x and after ending time x you can't ride the system free" difficult to do.

One more point , how many BART employees do you think use this "perk" so much that it would justify thousands if not millions of $$ to create a system to make a free ride off shift impossible? How much in vehicles would it require so that the employees can get to the job site they are needed at?

I would be more at issue with the near Olympic levels of talented fair evaders that jump the gates every day ...more than the "free loading" few employees who use the perk.

Just me though

More than a few 9-5ers use the perk...if they used it to only to get to and from work that is one thing...and yes, I have seen large groups passing through the gate, person flashing their employee card to get all people through, so from a person that pays heir fare, yes, they should not have the perk.

There is nothing I can you think I have not already written to the BART Board? Do you think I have not been to a few meetings? Thank you for gracing me with your infinite knowledge...douche....go drive your train...

I know that the board gets the same privileges...and I never said the contrary...toomuchdouche...yes you are a douche

and I am not complaining of the employee riding for a reduced fare...clipper card would make this easy. I am complaining about their extended family/friends riding for free.

you attempting to flame my post and responses all but solidifies that this is one of many underlying issues. Thank you toomuchdouche and have a great day cleaning toilets.

This whole conversation has been like watching two retards trying to play chess.

Oh shit you totally burned me there.


This is a really piddly complaint. First off, almost every company offers their employees some type of perk: a discount, a free meal, free air travel, etc.

Second, having employees ride free in a way gives BART some mostly free security, i.e. most employees will report if they see something going on that is unsavory. For example, I saw a woman have her iphone stolen so I got a description of the perp, got off the train, filled out a report, etc. True, some riders might do that, but not as likely. I also try to give directions to people on the platform who seem like they are tourists or lost.

Finally, requiring employees to pay to ride would mean BART would have to come up with a reimbursement system to pay employees when they ride for work-related reasons; or write elaborate and expensive software to determine each employees' hours to see when they can and can't ride free.

BART does also extend this policy to employees, spouses, and dependent kids under 23. Domestic partners can get a pass, too, but it costs $1,000 a year.

So you must support all State employees and their families crossing all toll bridges and attending CSU/UC schools for free, right?

BART has about 3,225 employees. Multiply that by say, 3, if the average employee has a spouse and a dependent. That's almost 7,000 free passes. Since boaster states that the yearly passes are worth $1,000, that is a total of $7,000,000 in FREE passes, and ultimately, missed revenue that TAX PAYERS and RIDERS have to cover. Even in this day and age, $7 million is NOT piddly. If BART was a fully private company, and accepted no public monies, then they could do whatever they want for their employees and their families, but they aren't, so it's a non-piddly issue.

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I think your second point is key here. Employees riding BART are going to be expected to act like employees and answer questions, report suspicious activity, etc, even if they are not working. Especially if they are wearing a uniform. It's the same reason police are allowed to ride free. They are obligated to assist if something goes down, so it's not really free.

As for family, well, I don't care one way or the other. It seems to me that it's pretty restrictive if it is only spouses and dependents under a certain age. It doesn't actually cost BART anything to let those few extra people ride for free, it's not like the trains wouldn't run anyway. However, it wouldn't be the end of the world if it was taken away either. I doubt anyone would quit over it. It just seems like such a trivial, non-cost perk it's silly to even worry about it.

I'm a little fuzzy though, is the pass $1000 per year for spouses, domestic partners, and dependents, or just domestic partners? That seems like lawsuit material if it's one and not the others. $1000 per year is between half and one third the cost of normal ticket price for a commuter to SF.

The passes are free for spouses and dependents, Domestic Partners can get a pass, it's not $1000 a year, but the employee has to pay the taxes on the benefit that is valued at ~$1000 per year, so if they're in a 15% tax bracket they end up paying $150 more in taxes to the feds for using that benefit. The reason it works that way is that the Feds don't recognize Domestic Partners yet.

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That makes way more sense. Blaming the Feds is always the best solution IMO.