Why are the BPD so "wussy"?

Today, the BPD essentially just stood there and closed down stations because a bunch of art school rejects decided to stage a protest.

Can you IMAGINE if they tried to do the same thing in Times Square in NYC? The NYPD would be busting heads, tazing, and spraying mace to keep the system running.

WTH is WRONG with BPD that they cave so easily to these losers?

True, but the longer they don't maintain order, the more people figure they can just do whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they feel like it so the situation will keep deteriorating. If these types of things continue, BART will lose ridership. For example, if I see 10 people jump the gate and no one does anything, then I figure why should *I* be the sucker who pays?

At the VERY LEAST, the police should have had to maintain a stern look. At Powell St., they were just hanging around together, laughing and yucking it up as thousands of angry passengers streamed past. That makes BART look *REALLY* bad.

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Apparently BART agrees based on the number of weapon drawn or pointed in the statistical report they released yesterday. I wasn't there but they seemed a little high to me...

There's always somebody that's going to want to criticize the way the police handle things. Either they were too "wussy" or too "aggressive" -- and that could be what two different people say about the same situation.

I don't see a need to criticize BART PD's handling of this situation. The idiots who decided to have their pathetic protest did nothing more than make people DESPISE them and their cause. These idiots would have loved nothing more than for BART Police to have gotten aggressive with them. They seem to think the officers are a bunch of hotheads who love getting violent. But it's really the protesters who are hotheads -- causing a big disturbance because the cops legally and justifiably defended themselves against a violent drunk guy that attacked and threatened them. If people want someone to be mad at, be mad at the losers over at "No Justice, No BART" who need to get jobs and become productive members of society instead of holding overgrown-child-like temper-tantrums in public. BART PD did what they had to do to keep things from getting excessively out of hand, without inciting a full-on riot.

It doesn't help that BART has turkey's like Lynette Sweet on the Board of Directors who would like nothing more than to flap her gums at the media about how "disappointed" she is at the BART Police, even though she doesn't know a thing about law enforcement, and does nothing to help them be a strong, successful and effective department. I'd like to see Sweet confronted by a violent drunk with a knife who threw a bottle at her, and see how fast she'd shoot the guy if she had a gun handy. Those officers did what they had to do. Mr. Hall made a choice... and choices have consequences. Sadly for him, they were deadly. But everyone knows that if you pull a weapon on the cops you're likely to get shot.

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Lynette Sweet needs to be fired. How did she ever get a job that puts her in contact with the media? Every time she opens her mouth it's something negative about BART employees or some policy that is in effect. Isn't SHE a BART employee? Maybe another BART employee should go on the news and bad mouth the way she does her job.

As for the protesters well... like it or not that's freedom of speech. You can't turn them away at the gate, you can only kick them out and arrest them when the trouble starts. And you can't just leave the platforms open if there's a safety risk, regardless of the reason.

"No Justice No Bart" is just an excuse to cause trouble. It doesn't have anything to do with what actually happened. I bet 999 out of 1000 people who have heard about the shooting don't have a problem with it.

Lynette Sweet is competing with Desley Brooks for face and air time.

i also found her rather annoying. she needs to go to the dorothy dugout.

I bet the transient who was shot didn't even have a BART ticket to enter the system with in the first place. BART needs to realize these type of drunken patrons are a total liability on the system and should not be allowed in but I guess the SA can't do anythinga about a fare evader except call BPD. I'm not talking about people that go out to dinner and have a few drinks, I'm talking about these obnoxious drunks that also mess up the trains. I saw one station agent at Montgomery who tried to do something about one of these guys who was actually in a wheelchair and the guy in the wheelchair was so rude screaming at the top of his lungs to the SA, it was pretty scary.

These protests are ridiculous and dangerous on a BART platform. What's wrong with these people.

Agents see fare evaders on at least ever other train load.. Gates and Agents check tickets.. Agents (and gates) are not allowed to put their hands on anyone to hold them for the extended time that it takes for an officer to drive the station to cite an infraction. See Side Gate...

BART Police is responsible for enforcing laws, fare evasion is breaking a law.

They care more about stolen car parts right now..

But I think they are supposed to take a short train ride during their shift to appear in the stations..

Also a train platform isn't the place for any kind of scuffle. If protestors fall on the tracks under their own power then that is one thing, but if there was even a hint that a BART employee was involved in a protestor falling in front of a train then that could potentially make for a bigger PR disaster than another BPD shooting.

I agree. Why are the fences around the paid areas only 3-4 feet high? Make them floor to ceiling.