Which interior layout is best? http://www.bart.gov/cars

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Interior Concept A
20% (3 votes)
Interior Concept B
27% (4 votes)
Interior Concept C
40% (6 votes)
Don't Care
13% (2 votes)
Total votes: 15


I still like the blue/gray color middle choice and am REMOVING my vote for Concept C for seats. I dislike them all.

The worst news of all of this is that they're going to reduce the legroom of all the seats by about 2 inches. As it's only barely adequate now (my knees brush but don't press against the back of the seats in front of me), that's a MAJOR disappointment. I guess I'll have to sit in the aisle seat facing sideways. A serious downgrade in comfort. I fail to comprehend why they'd do that when people have only gotten taller in the past 40 years. Grumble!

Oh, and so much for anyone opening a laptop to get some work done on the train. Double grumble!

I agree with you there. I am only 5'5 and can't cross my legs now when sitting and have just enough room to sit with my legs in front of me. I can't for the life of me understand why they wouldn't have the hand holders on every single seat for people to hold onto as they now. After looking at concept C some more, I'm removing my vote. The trains are packed, what do they expect people to hold onto that are standing in the isles. Many people can't reach the top rail to hold on.

Also noticed today that one passenger can't let another passenger out (unless they weight 100lbs or under) without standing up, exiting to the isle and letting that passenger exit from a window seat. The isle is already crowded on the current trains because BART has already put the seats closer together.

I don't think we need head rests and artsy, just functional and smart thinking.

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I don't know what they were thinking with Concept B. It's a train not a bar. If they put a bar ON the train, it would make more sense.

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I can see layout B being an attractive rush hour solution for BART because it would force a lot more people into standing during the evening rush. I would probably stand before I sat in a lounge seat during rush hour. I don't sit in sideways seats for the same reason.

how depressing and uncomfortable for a long commute. i hope i can find an alternative way to commute. guess they didn't look at the votes on this site. The luggage, etc., poses a safety hazard and BART seriously needs to figure this out.

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Thinking about it, the DC Metro has a big space by the doors and it's not too bad, but I haven't ridden it in rush hour recently. They also don't have the bench seats on the side, they're just missing the four rows of seats would be adjacent to the doors on BART