Several VIP's have been lost on bart

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A camera, with some Very Important Pictures on it, was lost on BART today, and the owners are asking for its return.

Here’s the email we received this morning….

Our nieces and nephews — along with the youngest (8) who is chronically ill — were able to come to california for a visit with their parents. This was a pretty big deal as he’s never been able to travel too far because of his medical condition which has kept them home-bound for much of his life.

We were able to go on a behind the scenes tour of lucas studios (a dream trip for him) where many, many photos were taken.

Unfortunately, in the rush to board the BART train today for the airport (9:30AM), they left their camera bag and camera (Nikon D90) on the benches adjacent to the boarding platform, all of their photos from the journey were on there.

While we’d like to get the camera back, the photos are the most important. If a kind soul could at least return the memory chip, we’d be most grateful.

If you have the camera, or know where it is, please turn it into BART’s “lost & found”, or send me an email at and I can get you in contact with the owners!

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