They Love to Hate us

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From the Chron.....

BART police serve as critic's focal point

I think most of us are getting numb to it all!

See you all tomorrow,

Officer Jo-Jo


It just goes to show you how intelligent these morons really are. "Let's protest so that the object of our protests can get overtime and benefit directly from our juvenile actions!!!" Keep up the good work BART PD. Your commuters support you!!!

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I do enjoy leaving work an hour early every Monday. I'm almost tempted to get myself a lawn chair and some popcorn to watch the show, but unlike the protesters I have better things to do than hang out with homeless people after work.

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At least we have an excuse when they post our salaries at the end of the year and everyone starts complaining that we make too much money.

Still like that photo in your avatar. I remember being in that line.

What do you think would happen if these idiots went to the airport with their so called protest?
Last time I checked, it was a federal offense to disrupt public transportation systems. Why isn't Homeland Security involved yet?

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I just drove today. I don't go to SF so no biggie.

These protesters are idiots. wah wah wah we want an apology wah wah wah cops shoot people that threaten them with weapons wah wah wah we couldn't use our cell phones wah wah wah

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If you drive the terrorists win.

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And I don't get to stand next to the two really stinky guys like I did last Friday. PU. I really don't need BART, I don't save much money using it and typically takes longer than driving. I just get tired of dealing with jerks on the road. Today I didn't want to deal with jerks on BART.

I do see that these protests seem to have run out of gas. Its 5:45 and BART appears to be on time and I'm not seeing any news alerts. I guess I won't worry too much about the next one.

Am I off base, or does it seem that fewer people are showing up at each "protest"? Maybe eventually the entire thing will just fizzle out.

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I thought for sure they'd be too busy partying today, although I guess if you don't have a job having a holiday off doesn't matter as much.