Tell it to the Judge

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Philo's post reminded me of something that happened to me last week. This older couple got on, both of them stinking of liquor, having a low key argument. The guy starts hitting on the woman in front of me, and his wife / girlfriend / hooker comes up and starts telling him, very calmly, to shut his mouth, and that if he didn't he'd be telling it to the judge. And that she works for the judge, so he knows she's not lying.

Repeat this a few times, then the woman starts apologizing to the woman he's hitting on, and promptly stumbles and winds up on the lap of the person next to me. It takes her forever to get up. The person next to me asks if she wants to sit, and the older woman refuses. Then apologizes to her. And then the man starts saying that she should apologize to me too, since I was obviously her momma. What? I'm really not old and she was young, but not that young. Maybe I need a haircut.

Anyway, my station came up shortly after that. I probably should have said something to a BART employee, but it was more funny than anything else.