Meanie McMeanface

I was hustling up the stairs this morning because we'd all heard the train pull in...

Apparently I wasn't fast enough for the Adonis behind me because he said, "Move it Fat-Ass!"

We made it into the train and he was standing in front of me... I said, "Hey, what did you say to me?" ... "If you can say it to my back, why don't you say it to my face."

He went through the doors into another car... A man sitting near where I stood sympathized with me and offered me a seat. I thanked him but declined... stewed a bit, then went to look for the Adonis.

Just in case you saw this guy - we got on the train at El Cerrito Del Norte about 8:45 am this morning. He was probably in his 50s - thin/fit - gray hair. Tasteful (nyuck, nyuck) black with gold stud earring - just one - long-sleeved, button up shirt and black jeans and a couple of brief cases.

I found him at the fourth car down with his back to me... I sat next to him and told him what he said was mean, that he hurt my feelings and that he should apologize...

All the while he's fumbling in his bags and I think he's going to pull out some pepper spray, a knife, I don't know what - but I'm pretty steamed, so it surprised me when he pulled out his phone.

I think he thought since I'm such a fat ass, maybe I was hungry and about to eat him... maybe he could phone 9-1-1 before I was done with my meal.

Anyway - he says, "I'm sorry."

Me: You don't look very apologetic

Him: I am, I'm sorry...

At this point my voice was cracking so I told him: I hope you have a nice day - and left.

I soooo wanted to do him some violence but it wasn't "worf it, Miss Sofia" -

I went about a car away, sat down and cried... couldn't stop. I wonder if the crying would have happened had I pummeled him. Then I thought - maybe it was just enough that he was scared and will likely be more judicious in letting his mouth write checks his butt can't cash.


Next time someone says that or tries to push by you, just trip them as they go past.

UGH. At least you stood up for yourself and it didn't end badly. Good for you!! I normally shy away and stew, but if more people like you spoke up, hopefully rude #@$#%&*( will learn to keep their mouths shut.

Mixed feelings on this one. I have missed trains because some obese person in front of me can't move down the stairs or escalator fast enough, or won't observe the walk left/stand right rule. I've never called anyone "fat-ass" but I sure have thought it. One time, there was a woman so fat she had to walk with a cane and she fell on the platform and looked like a bug on her back kicking around. Why do people let themselves get like this? If you can't walk up or especially down a flight of stairs it might be time to consider a diet and exercise routine.

I've also been on plane flights where the person next to me is so fat their fat rolls hang over the armrest and into my space. It's disgusting and rude.

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Beyond the issues people on BART RAGE have? Wow, that's pretty bad.