Ice Cream nightmare

This past sunday evening (@ 8pm)I was minding my business reading a map sitting in a front seat near the window after boarding at the Powell Street station. Before the doors closed a group of 5 teenage girls (none over the age of 15) board and sit to the side of me, in front of me (the seats facing inwards) , across and one sitting on top of another's lap. I look up and get a BAD feeling about them. Still, I go back to my map reading but beforehand I notice they are eating ice cream (from Cold Stone) out of pint containers and ice cream sandwiches. I tried to ignoring thinking they'd be civilized but when I saw ONE of them wiping a lid on the seats, another deliberately dropping dirty napkins and spoons on the floor did I really take notice. THEN when the doors were about to shut at the Embarcadero station one chucked their empty container onto the platform as the rest laughed and yelled. Soon after I asked them to have some respect cuz no one wants to sit on dirty seats and they could have hurt someone out on that platform. Their hostility increased and I could tell by their whispering they were conspiring against me. Before I could get up they threw a chunk of a chocolate ice cream sandwich at me hitting me on my neck and down my back wedging on the seat. I reach back pick it up as they laugh, stand up and throw it in the face of one of them and called them a bunch of hoodrats with no manners or respect (that's EXACTLY what they are). I quickly walked towards the next train's double doors, pass through one and JUST as walk through the second door, I hear a loud noise. I turn around and see a splatter of ice cream on the glass and on the floor between the trains there is a mostly full pint of ice cream. I continue walking towards the end of the train to call the conductor but the button didn't work. So Looking over my shoulder I see that they are getting up. I keep walking to the next car all the way up to the first car and call the conductor to let him know. By this time I had already missed my stop. By this time I am in Lake Merritt. I get off and see the girls have moved up to the car just after the one I just left. I walked up to the conductor with his head out of the window and I let him know they were in the second car. Within a few minutes BART police are on the scene checking the car they had vandalized then up to the car they were in along with another witness to id them and then they were pulled off and seated on a bench to be processed.

In the mean time, witnesses were being questioned (including myself) and if they want to press charges. (which I did) As I was waiting with another lady she had told me after I had left those girls tried snatching her purse, tried to grab a guy's cell phone as he was trying to send a text message THEN were harassing other passengers going as far as calling a Mexican a wetback. The laughed at cussed at people and even going so far as to ask a black man if he was black then said he was brown and that he only wish he was a N**** like them. The whole time myself and this lady were talking those girls were cussing at BART police, calling us F****** whores/ sluts, our shoes were ugly, stupid bitches etc. They really didn't take any of this seriously. Finally giving statements etc...It took me over 2 hours to get to my Del Norte bart to go home. BUT I'm hoping that these kids get some sense beat into them.

It's just SO sad to see children act like this. It makes you wonder what kind of home/ family they have to think that kind of behavior is acceptable! i've been riding bart for 24 years and I have NEVER seen anything this horrible in my life! If I wasn't calm I'd have threw a few punches. if I had my pepper foam (the one day I didn't) I'd have used it. If those kids were NOT removed, there'd have been a fight if not a lynching! Just despicable, evil and ill mannered girls. :-(


Pack mentality emboldens stupidity. Glad you stepped up and got involved.

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Thank you for stepping up on this one. I was working in Dublin that night and these girls sounded like they were causing lots of problems based on the radio traffic. We had multiple calls regarding their behavior. They tied up several officers for a long time. Runaways, juvenile criminals and one thought she would try to fight with the police. A few of them enjoyed a nice trip to Juvenile Hall that night.

Sorry you were delayed getting home. Often times we have to let people go because citizens are not willing to press charges on crimes that we cannot make an arrest without witnessing ourselves. I'm glad you didn't let these girls get away with that behavior!

Officer Jo-Jo

Holy cow. I've seen obnoxious behavior on BART, but I have been lucky enough not to witness outright harassment and criminal activity. Makes me glad I am no longer in the area and only have like a 5 minute (if even) train ride...

Glad you did something about it. I've also seen behavior like this before but not in a while. Hope the ones that wound up in juvenile hall have a nice visit for a while. I know this happened back in October but I had to comment anyway.