Dogs on BART/ Station Agents

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In the span of two days, I've seen no less than 4 dogs on leashes that were NOT service animals on the train, on the platform and once walked right under the nose of an agent at Powell Street Monday morning (white woman with curly blond hair) who looked at the dog being walked in. Looked at me as I looked at her to say something, then went back to talking with some buddies all huddled in the booth (one may have been agent, one was a non BART security guard). Is it too difficult for BART employees to at least make an attempt to do their jobs ? In any of the cases, there was no carrier and again, these weren't service dogs (at least what is commonly known to be service animals.

Ouch still going after the police..

Everyone knows the magic word is to say "Service Animal" .. It can be almost any animal, and ADA Laws are written to protect the disabled but no enforcement if you lie. There is no kind of service animal registration, So the police cannot do anything because there is nothing to prove.

All the homeless/street kids etc know the magic word, now you do too...

I have taken a dog many times on BART, sometimes I will get "Is that your pet?" from an Agent.. Simply say "Service Animal". It's illegal for them to proceed further.

Sadly , pretty much what Masters said...all anyone can do (officers, agents etc) is Ask , "is that your animal?" and if the reply "service animal" is is over.

ADA laws are strict and enforced/litigated like nothing else on the books.

I saw a 20lb poodle with a service vest on a Daly City train this evening. Ridiculous.

really??? when was the last time a station agent was sent to a hospital? Please back up these "facts" that you speak of...

Does anyone know the details or result of the Battery on the Agent at the Coliseum on 3/6?

I think the dogs I see on BART behave much better than the passengers. Some of the dogs I feel sorry for because their owners are obviously homeless.

Even Safeway is dealing with this issue in their stores. In San Francisco, all you really need is a psychologist to say that your animal is a "service animal" and you're good to go.

As soon as BART, or Safeway, or anyone else, throws out some self-entitled person whose Schnauzer is a "psychological service dog" the lawsuits will start.

Not true.. there is no documentation for Service Animal..

Simply say "service animal" and you can take your dog where you want.. Easy as that.. There is no such "service animal" registration...

ADA Laws protect the disabled, the law does not have any teeth to prevent fraud.


Same with the seats that are labeled "Federal all requires these seats be made available for persons with disabilities"...

Reading between the lines is BART was required to provide those seats to the disabled or elderly.. THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS IF YOU DON'T HAVE A DISABILITY YOU CAN'T SIT THERE... I have seen people actually call the police because some guy wouldn't move.. It's not illegal to sit there and not move.. But the wording of the sign makes you believe you'd have to move for elderly or disabled. But it is your discretion, and you should do it to be nice, but not a requirement. They can only ask you to get up, if you don't feel like standing, you are not required to stand..

Remember ADA laws were made to make things accessible and protect the disabled, it would be tough to define a disability.. If you wear glasses, you have a disability. Maybe you need your dog..

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I disagree with you 100%. It is not anyone's right to bring their dog with them everywhere. (except those very very few physically disabled people who rely on a trained, licensed, and well marked dog to be their eyes and ears). Even if your dog is well behaved, what about other people's kids? What about other people's badly trained dogs? Do you want your dog to end up biting someone and end up getting put down because someone's badly behaved child decided to pull its tail? No animal is a perfect angel.

Also, what about people with severe pet allergies? If little kids aren't allowed to bring PB&Js to school because little Timmy breaks out in hives whenever someone says the word "peanut", then dogs should not be allowed in ANY PUBLIC PLACE except for where dogs are specifically permitted. In a slightly different spin, there are people out there who are severely afraid of dogs. They can avoid dog parks and Petco, but should they be forced to wait for the next train because they don't want to be in the same car as a bull mastiff?

Seriously, you won't die if you're without your dog for a few hours. It's a dog. Not a person. Just leave it at home.


Funny thing about your reply.. Dogs may have been everywhere when you were a kid, but BART has never allowed Pets on the train in it's history, which is about 1972? I see more people breaking the rules now than ever before.

If you were a kid prior to 1972, and about your "used to sit on chairs" comment is that sanitation, health and safety has come a long way since the mid to late 1900's..

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Service Dogs California Civil code current rules:
CAL. CIV. CODE § 54.2 : California Code - Section 54.2

(Trainers and Service Dog owners): These persons shall ensure the dog is on a LEASH and TAGGED as a guide dog, signal dog, or service dog by an IDENTIFICATION TAG ISSUED BY THE COUNTY CLERK, ANIMAL CONTROL DEPARTMENT or OTHER AGENCY as authorized by Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 30850) of Title 14 of the Food and Agricultural Code -

(c)As used in this section, the terms "guide dog," "signal dog," and "service dog" have the same meanings as specified in Section 54.1. - See more at:

Also I read it somewhere official that Psychiatric and or Emotional needs Dogs are now considered "PETS" under ADA rules. AT BART the rules are that pets must be IN a carrier. If I happen upon it again I'll give the reference.

My grandfather loves my dog so much. So bringing him along to visit is a must. Lately I've figured out and built a special seat attached to my bike for my 13 lbs terrier so now riding my bike with my dog is like heaven. It's sad to learn about the cage rule if you take a dog for a ride. Based on some of the things posted here I decide take my chances I'm riding my bike with my dog. He will be on my lap all the way to Daly City. I wanted to take my bike to avoid the buses since my dog will never go pass the driver. This means I will have an adventure to share my grandpa when I get there. Thanks for all the posts here it looks like I will be able to do do this. I'm checking back here before I do this if theres any advice. I will post comment if I fail.