If you're going to break the bike rule, at least don't act entitled

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Asshole Rider of the Day

I'm about to get on the (no bikes) evening train when a guy with his mountain bike cuts me off to get on the train ahead of me.  Then, he asks an old man who can't be younger than 70 to move to the other side so he can sit with his bike.  He sits in the isle so someone else will have to sit behind his dirty tire, then when the train gets full he hassles someone for bumping him.

That is the worst behavior I've seen on BART for a while, it's been pretty tame recently.



it is called sarcasm...I see either they let you out of jail or maybe kicked you out of the foreclosed home that you were squatting in???

thanks...great advice!

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In this situation, I think he would have acted like an asshole even without the bike. He just acted like that kind of guy.

the main reason for my comment is that being an asshat is not mutually exclusive to bike riders...this is just a character trait that people have...like the guy that was too intent playing Angry Birds on his tablet yesterday and kept stumbling on a packed train, and stepping on my feet multiple times...Asshat.

funny "bro" I am not acting like an asshat here. I am employing some sarcasm to break up my day at work, and commiserating with like minded individuals. I think your image says a lot about the kind of person you want to be portrayed as on the interweb "bro"

? ?[sahr-kaz-uhm] Show IPA
harsh or bitter derision or irony.
a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

this English lesson provided to you by Depends...please remember to pick them up for your wife on the way home :)