Musicians ON the trains

Musicians in the non-paid areas of BART stations: often great, often talented, sometimes they get a tip from me.

Musicians in stations or on trains: much less common . . . and much less cool.

A couple of guys made their way through a Dublin/ Pleasanton train earlier this evening with instruments in hand . . . stopping to play a few minutes in each car before moving onto the next one.

Sure, halfway talented, but I do NOT approve. They had a captive audience and after a hard day's work (a hard week's work in this case, being a Friday), people prefer to be in their own zone without unwanted disturbance. That's the reason behind the rule that anyone listening to music or video game audio or any other noise must have headphones. These jerks even chastised one rider who got up to move to another car . . . when the "musicians" made their way to that car, they yelled at him for being an "f***in dou**bag".

I would call BART police and let them know that you are being threatened...if I can't eat or drink on trains, then they can get the talentless riffraf of as well...and hopefully ticket them in the process.