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BART is hiring Train Operators (Part time)

BART Train Operator (Part time)
Pay Rate : Step 1 - $28.24 to Step 4 - $33.22
Posted Date: June 6, 2012
Closing Date

This announcement will be used to establish a pool of eligible outside candidates for vacancies occurring within the next eighteen (18) months.

This position requires the following: Flexibility to fulfill the working hours; the ability to accept the terms and conditions of part-time work; working off-hours shifts, holidays and weekends. Part-time Train Operators work no less than 20 hours per week and no more than 25 hours per week. Part-Time Train Operators are not permitted to have other full-time employment.

The successful candidates will possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

-Ability to multi-task
-Ability to exercise good judgment
-Ability to prioritize under changing circumstances
-Strong customer service orientation
-Reliability and dependability
-Ability to work effectively as a member of a team
-Ability to effectively apply rules to varied circumstances

Go to to apply!

I applied.. Finally after

I applied.. Finally after waiting over a year.

Still not getting my hopes up. They're accepting 3,000 candidates.

What does the hiring process look like anyways?

Testing then panel interview,

Testing then panel interview, physical exam, background and reference check and list placement. After all that, you'll have 14 weeks of training at which anytime you can be dropped for failing a test or job performanace skills test. Upon completion of the training course, you'll have a 90 day probation period. Only those that successful pass all the test,check -outs, probation and CPUC requirements become a Train Operator. The process is VERY demanding and stressful to say the least.... Good Luck!

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It seems asinine. Forcing

It seems asinine. Forcing candidates to work PT for undetermined amounts of time doesn't help insure that the applicants are qualified, it just insures that they're people who don't have any other options.

The most recently promoted

The most recently promoted p/t train operators had been p/t for 4 1/2 years. They were just promoted 2 weeks ago. If you can't wait - don't apply. BART only promotes Train Operators and Station Agents when enough senior employees die or retire. BART has been running on minimum staffing for years! Thats why it's so much OT for full-time employees. Part-time employees are not allowed to work overtime nor does anyone have control over when they hireor promote. The most recently promoted station agents had been part-time for 31/2 years.

Its not asinine - its BART!

Its not asinine - its BART!

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What are operators supposed

What are operators supposed to be doing with the rest of their work week if they can't hold any other full time work and can only drive a BART train 25 hours per week?

Working at McDonalds?

Yep! Work at McDonalds or

Yep! Work at McDonalds or anywhere else that will classify them as a part time employee. Full time employment elsewhere is grounds for termination. The same rule applies to Part - Time Station Agents....
$28.24 per hr @ 20 hrs per week equals $564.80 per week before taxes! 25 hrs is $706 before taxes as a sole source of income. Hopefully, those who apply will have an independent gig, be already retired, or have part-time employment elsewhere.

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What's full time pay &

What's full time pay & bennies like? I'd assume quite a bit better, since BART has to raise fares on a regular basis.

Full time pay plus bennies

Full time pay plus bennies are nice but we haven't had a raise in 3 years...which doesn't bother some of the operators or agents.

Well I also applied to be a

Well I also applied to be a Part Time Train operator. Since per the announcement, full time employment is prohibited "which is crazy" does this position lead to full time employment ? Is there at least a chance ? and if so how long does it take ?

Expect to be part time for AT

Expect to be part time for AT LEAST 2 yrs. The most recently promoted train operators waited 4 1/2 years. :-/

Has anyone been to one of the

Has anyone been to one of the panel interviews? How many people are asking questions?



So when do you receive some

So when do you receive some sort of notification of being in the process? I see some people keep mentioning panel interviews and stuff, but I have yet to be contacted or anything. I submitted my apication 12 days ago. On the jobs site it still says "Status: Applied"

FIRST you must be notified

FIRST you must be notified that your application was accepted. Once thats done, then the other steps apply. If they don't accept your application, nothing else matters!

I did not mean to confuse

I did not mean to confuse you. I posted another message about the hiring process but that WAS NOT for the position of Train Operator. I never applied to be a Train Operator, but I suspect that the process will be similiar. If your Application screens positively with HR, I think you will get an invitation to take the written test. From what I've gathered, the primary mode of communication is via email. So just keep looking in your inbox and make sure it did not go to your Spam folder. Each step in the application process is LONG, at least several weeks. So don't just keep sitting there to wait. You'll drive yourself crazy.