Smoking drugs on the BART--what f'ing animals!

A few weeks ago, my friend and I were headed home from San Francisco. I kept smelling smoke. I even asked the lady in front of me if something in her purse was on fire. She point to two animals hovering at the door to the next car (we were in the last car).

Quite a few people said something to these animals, but they would get pretty hostile and make threats to the person saying something about putting it out. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some hard drug. It didn't smell like pot and the two animals were getting pretty aggressive with a bunch of us. Nobody could get around these two stereotypes to to get to the next car and let them be.

Was BART operations asleep despite the cameras? Where were the BART police?
I complained about it and was asked why I didn't call the BART police. I responded that:
1) there is not f'ing cell reception beneath the bay, and the wifi is a joke
2) the animals were blocking the phone to call the train operator

cameras are "record only" as far as I know , as in there is a hard drive/tape system on the train . The cameras are not closed circuit thus bart pd is not /unable to watch them until after the fact.

Go to the next train car if the one your on has the phone blocked .
I know you said they were blocking the doors but ...its the only other option I am afraid.

Your right though cell service is ...better off with smoke signals under the bay.

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This is why there needs to be a TEXT number to reach BART police. Last night on my train, a group of 20 or so loudmouths got on and proceeded to stage a floor show of rapping (complete with bad language) in loud voices, banging on the poles, ceilings, etc. for percussion and generally annoying everyone on the train within 20 feet. They blocked the doorways and made it difficult for people to board, jostled other passengers and didn't give a damn about the intrusive nature of their performance. I would have loved to call BART Police to get these uncouth idiots removed from the train, or at the very least maybe get an officer on the car, but unfortunately one of them sat down next to me with three of his costars standing over my seat so I had to listen to this crap yelled in my ear from the Transbay Tube to Berkeley.

I asked BART management why there was no text number to BART police for riders to report situations in which calling for assistance is not feasible or even dangerous. I was given a ho-hum well you know we can't, blah blah blah. I can only imagine what would have happened to those riders in the "smoking" situation if they'd called the BART police on those jerks.

I can understand that the potential for abuse of a "text" number exists, but I should think it's worth a try.

What's *worse* about this is that BART actually seeks out these kinds of passengers and has an entire department that looks for "underserved minority communities," in other words--they actively WANT and SEEK more poor ghetto-types on the trains to harrass people.

This is the same group that determines what groups are "underrepresented" among employes, too, and issue hiring "guidelines", such as "encouraging" departments to bring in more black engineers (even if *none* applied for the jobs).

Public transit needs to decide what it wants to be--a way to get people out of their cars and "spare the air", or a way for the poor to travel. You can't really be both--people will only tolerate so much bad and/or dangerous behavior before they switch to their cars.

I switched to driving after I was assaulted by a homeless guy on a BART train and the BPD did nothing.