Call Train Operator if Panhandlers arrive, bringing their children in on the act

Friends, please phone the Train Operator if you see the following:

A guy who IDs himself as a father with a family hard luck story, has one to two young boys with him. Sits them down and they play loud music, and pass a white plastic bucket.

The kids look very unhappy, like circus animals with ringmaster. Call Train Operator.

Ostentatiously dressed black woman (her outfits make Oprah look like a nun) who loudly yells she needs money for the homeless shelters, and has her very sad looking young teenaged daughter with her. Kid looks beaten down and very unhappy. This woman looks like she dresses at Neiman-Marcus. Plays the guilt card and is involving her daughter in this horror show.

Call Train Operator

yes, i was approached by this middle eastern or indian woman and her child on BART last Thursday or Friday on my way into work. really felt bad for the child. concord safeways were having a problem with this a few months ago; read about it on so maybe now they've moved on from grocery stores to BART trains.

what's with SF anyway, I thought they had "care" not "cash" for homeless and mentally ill. i don't they any of them are getting any care or cash in SF and they are just basically all out on the street. i'm bombarded on my way to and from BART; it is really sad.

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I've probably seen this same lady (wearing bright colors and had a baby swaddled or wrapped up on her waist). I tried to call the TO and he only cleared the call button without saying anything back at me. The Embarcadero station agent (who I went to in order to get BartPD alerted) said they're familiar with this "gypsy".

Now these panhandlers with kids are sitting right outside Montgomery BART on the Fidelity side. Women with most unhappy looking kids; sames ones day in and day out. They were also doing the same thing at Safeways in Concord.

No, BART Police should ride the dam trains and make the reports right on the train for that type of activity and then remove the offending party off the train without delaying the dam train AT ALL like they do. There is no excuse for the delays caused by BART Police for b.s. activity like panhandling and DODs on BART.

BART needs to correct that big time and make it easy to report crimes to BART police without causing delays.

BART is so dysfunctional as far as BPD crime within the paid area of the system goes.

One would think BART would at least do something so the homeless quit pissing on the escalator over on the Fidelity side too. It really STINKS.