Another miserable ride this morning

I board the train at the Orinda station headed for SF. Because the train just before 8:00 was only 8 cars, it was already full by the time it reached Lafayette. A few more people squeezed on, but it was packed past a safe capacity. I, along with several others on the platform, decided to wait for the next train in 5 minutes. It was only 9 cars, so it too was packed to near capacity. We all squeezed on anyway to try to get to work on time. At Rockridge, the lines to board are still ridiculously long and the people come piling in. We are all touching the people next to us now. Personal space be damned. At MacArthur, another shitload of people try to transfer from the Richmond line to our train. They are bitching and whining for people to move in and let them on, but there just isn't any more room. One guy has claustrophobia, so he pushes his way off the train. At least three more people took his place. At all of the other Oakland stops, the people on the platflorms just said fuck it and didn't even bother to try to board.
This is becoming the new normal for my morning commute. The 8 and 9 car trains at the peak commute times are just NOT FUCKING CUTTING IT! BART would be over capacity even with all 10 car trains. Something needs to change now. If this was a business that didn't depend upon taxpayer money and government subsidies, it would have been shut down by now. We need 10 car trains up until at least 9:00 a.m. BART should make this their top priority. It's no wonder more and more people are turning to driving. The are fed up with BART. As shitty as the freeway traffic is, at least you don't have to stand shoulder to shoulder as you breathe other people's bad breath and farts on your way to work. And you can sit in relative comfort listening to your own sound system. I'm seriously thinking about giving up on BART.

And where are these extra trains going to come from? Pretty much every working train is in service during the morning commute. Also, because of how the software is, headways (time between trains) can't really be increased. I agree it's a mess, but BART's kind of stuck right now. It's the same situation on the freeways--more cars but the same number of lanes. The Bay Area is growing but it's infrastructure is stuck in the 1950s/1960s.

Well, tell those that drive in from Stockton, Oakley, Brentwood, to stop taking the train at BayPoint Station. You might as well tell those coming in from Sacramento, Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo to stop taking the train at North Concord or at Pleasant Hill. This is the result of suburban/urban sprawl. 10 car trains will not have much of an impact. The transportation infrastructure in the bay area are at capacity.

Well all these cities have been paying property taxes for their BART stations that should have been for years. No one seems to be held accountable to make sure BART keeps their promises concerning expanding and maintaining its system. I'm starting to feel like BART isn't qualified any longer to run itself. Their management is dysfunctional and doesn't keep up with demand at all. The earthquake happned back in 1989 and BART is just getting around to retrofitting the TBT now by inconveniencing everyone who works nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with 20 minute delays at the same time the Giants Games are going on. They've never finished the Pleasant Hill change over. BART never finishes anything. Anytime, they do track maintenance, then there is problems on the track the entire next week. BART also has switching problems in SF between Embarcadero and Montgomery so why are they single-tracking. BART SERVICE OF LATE SUCKS!

They haven't finished the Pleasant Hill crossover because the local tweakers stole all the copper wiring, which set back the project several months and thousands of dollars...

local tweakers aren't smart enough for that. BART was well aware that was happening and should have taken measures to secure the site. I believe it was an ex-BART employee responsible for most of the thefts and he was caught. There was a write-up about it about a year ago. BART also made about an $8 million dollar error on the Dublin Pleasanton station because they didn't coordinate with Cal-Trans and they also made about a $19 million dollar error when they tried to upgrade their software and we have to put up with single-tracking through the TBT with Giants Games going on when the earthquake happened in 1989? BART, get some decent management.