BART is failing miserably for commuters

I simply cannot depend upon BART to get to work on time anymore unless I build in an extra 45-60 minutes for commuting to work. This is getting to the truly ridiculous stage. Trains from Pittsburg Baypoint to San Francisco are loaded past capacity. I boarded a 10 car train at Pleasant Hill on Monday that all seats were already full. The train was already loaded to a safe capacity after Walnut Creek passengers boarded. More people at Lafayette crowded on, and by the time the train reached Orinda, people were left standing on the platform. This overcrowding is exacerbated when BART runs 8 or 9 car trains at the peak of commute hours. This cannot continue to be business as usual for BART. Something has to give.

This morning, due to police activity at MacArthur station, BART claimed a delay of 10-15 minutes. That may have been a train schedule delay of 15 minutes, but what it means in real time to commuters is an extra 30-45 minutes to get to work.
I stood on the platform at Orinda this morning and let 3 trains go by that were packed to capacity. The train I finally boarded was nearly full. At Rockridge, it was packed to maximum safe capacity. At MacAurther, more people crowded in until it was so packed, I could not even raise my right arm. Fortunately, I had a handhold on the ceiling rail with my left hand. There were people who needed to get off the train at downtown Oakland stops that were not able to make it to the door before it closed.

If BART was dependent upon providing good customer service to stay in business, they would be fucked and bankrupt by now.
BART management needs a serious overhaul. They don't seem to have the capability to plan ahead for increasing ridership, and there seems to be no contingency plans when things go wrong at commute times. This is failure on an epic scale.

Glad to see your post and BART management wants to give themselves big fat raises; what nerve. I was feeling the same as you, i.e., I CANNOT DEPEND ON BART any more. I agree, State of California needs to step in and get some management with public transporation efficiency as the goal instead of BART Management's own personal agendas. Gheese, look at their record of wasted money.

Honestly, I am at a total loss of what should be done but BART cannot continue to operate the way it does now. Service is HORRIBLE and UNSAFE, I'm sick and tired of all of these nut cases that they continually allow on the trains that barf, fight, piss, whatever. No one at BART does their jobs except the T.O. and scrub crew as far as I can see. I rarely see any BPD any more and they REALLY, REALLY, need to be on the trains.

Single tracking with Giants Games getting out and drunks SO FUN! BART should have been on all of this maintenance years ago. Platforms are not safe; too many people; trains are not safe; too many people. passengers are left stranded at night too but BART can't even put back the one dam train it took out between 11 and midnight BUT HEY PLENTY OF MONEY OUT THERE FOR THEIR USELESS MANAGERS TO GIVE THEMSELVES BIG FAT RAISES at the expense of passenger service and safety.

Yesterday, I came in at 25 mph single tracking from Orinda to MacArthur; it is delay, after delay, after delay. Then the turnstyles don't work, the escalators are broken or smell like piss, there are pandhandlers and gross people all around the BART machines because MOST Stations Agents won't do their jobs, etc. The few good station agents there are, are GOOD.

BART SERVICE SUCKS but thank you for your patience!

Time for fed up passengers to do a class action lawsuit against BART. BART Management is ripping us off and lining their pockets which is illegal. Something MUST BE DONE to make BART accountable for how it spends it money. BART HAS a duty to provide decent and safe service to passengers in a timely manner like they say they will or BART shouldn't receive any taxpayer (uh passenger) funding. DOUCHE BAG SYSTEM.

BART can't even keep track of the events going on around SF and Oakland. They tell everyone to ride BART and then no trains and single tracking wonderful, but thank you for your patience. BART OPERATIONS CONTROL

Crowding cars to over capacity is unsafe for the same reasons that buildings have a capacity limit. If BART cars were under the jurisdiction of a Fire Marshall, they would be shut down. If a fire, or something worse occurred on a packed morning commute train, there is no way in Hell for passengers to safely egress. This is just one example. Please use some common sense here.

What is the solution? No one at BART has received a raise in eight years. Ridership is up 100-150K a day. More trains can't be added until software is updated to let trains run closer together. Why would a skilled programmer, structural engineer etc come to BART for $90K a year when they can go to Silicon Valley and make $100K+ per year AND not be expected to go eight years with no raises?

BART police are hamstrung because if they even so much as look at someone wrong John Burris is ready to sue and management won't back them up so they basically have to coddle criminals and the deranged homeless. Same with SFPD and OPD. We have the wimpiest police in the country because whenever they do their jobs someone sues or protests or bitches. The whole scene at MacArthur could have been ended in five minutes with a stun gun but instead a single homeless lunatic is allowed to hold 150000 people hostage.

In the long run you're better off coughing up the $500-$600 a month and drive to work. I listen to music on a nice surround system with no one asking me for spare change and no being packed in a sardine can--just me and a nice view of the Bay.

Can you show where people haven't had a raise in 8 years please?

I will go through the last 3 contracts since I was hired at bart (every 4 years is a new contract)
Keep in mind I was hired in 2001 so I only know what I came in with.

6% 6% 5% 6%

New contract

0% 2% 2% 3%

New Contract

0% 0% 0% 0% or(1% supposedly due to meeting some requirement)

I am not seeing an 8 year no raise stint.

as for the BART pd "fail"

What would you like them to do with a mentally disturbed person on top of a station/ then train?
Tackle them?
and risk MASSIVE injury to the officer and person?
"stun gun" them?
And risk MASSIVE injury to the person and or others?

In either case mentioned above , massive law suit , media blames cops , advocate groups occupy board meetings and entire districts think BART pd are a bunch of thugs...oh and our favorite lawyers jump in seeking multi million dollar settlements.

BART pd wants to avoid all of the above(injury etc.)

It is a New type of Police force , concerned with the "share/stake holders" in the community's it serves.
Sensitive to the plight of the mentally disturbed , homeless and under privileged or at the very least cognoscente of it.
This is what BART pd was told to do after Fruitvale by all those who made their voices heard.
Involve all share holders/stake holders in the discussion of how the Police department should run and conduct itself.

Officers have taken classes/certifications to specially developed to handle people in the grips of a mental crisis.(My understanding it was MANDATED after the Fruitvale indecent and subsequent "NOBLE" report ...and lawsuit)

It takes on the same appearance as any other negotiation, goal being to get EVERYONE out alive and in one piece with only the amount of force needed to end the situation, where it can be accomplished.

So , how exactly was it a BART PD "fail"?

Mentally disturbed man in one piece alive and well? Check.(as far as we understand).

Officers alive and well? Check (as far as we understand)

Will there be a long and detailed investigation into what was done, what should be done and how it could be done better?
You can bet on it.

BART PD now examines ALL incidents involving force (whatever level ) to see if the officer did something wrong/against procedure/what he was taught to do and was reasonable at the time.
Just like it was mandated.

I understand the issue this is cited with has more to do with "I was late for work because of this loon" but , a man is alive and uninjured along with the officers involved because the officers did what they were taught/trained/mandated to do.
(It is truly unfortunate being handled "fast" was not able to be accomplished in this case but I am sure it will be reviewed and changes will be made where able to be)

Just like the NOBLE report/Lawsuit/Board members / State Politicians wanted it.

Well from My point of view given the information I have been shown.

Boaster was wrong about the raises, but, still 7% over 8 years is pretty dismal. I left BART for the private sector more than 10 years ago when I realized what a clusterf*ck the management is and the lowest raise I've gotten over the past eight years was 3%. Last year I got 5. Over 8 years I've gotten a total of about 28% (which equals about 31% with compounding). Inflation is about 3% per year so I've gained 4% purchasing power over the past 8 while BART employees have lost 16%. Not very motivating IMO. Yes, there were a few lazy sots while I was there, but most people worked pretty hard.

As for the BPD, I've gotta go with Boaster. It's not just this one case, which was in the news. There are MANY MANY MANY cases that go unreported.

Ask BART management about settlements for "violating people's civil rights". Here's an example that didn't make the news: A female cop asks a kid to turn down his radio and he says no. She starts to write him a ticket. He hits her and runs. She chases. There's a scuffle. John Burris shows up and now there's a kid with a nice fat chunk of change because BART won't back up its own employees. You think this cop is going to ask someone to turn down their radio the next time? Didn't think so. Remember that the next time you're on the platform and someone is blaring their music and no one at BART will do anything about it. Why do you think fare jumping is blatantly ignored? I know from experience that it's easier to look the other way because if you try and do something your management will NOT back you up.

Only commenting on this one cited incident,

I think if you read into what I stated above , you will see what I am saying.

I started this thread because of problems with overcrowding, short trains at commute hours, and scheduling issues.
I'm sorry to see that it has become another thread complaining about BART Police. I think the BART Police have an impossible job, especially since they are all under a microscope over the Oscar Grant fiasco and the SF Civic Center shooting.
The detractors here should have to walk a mile in their shoes before complaining that they are not doing their jobs.
BART needs at least twice as many cops as they are currently employing. And they need to be able to enforce the law without the threat of legal action by extremist "human rights" groups and attorneys looking for a political bully pulpit. Considering the kinds of potential problems that could happen, I'm surprised that there aren't more and I'm always happy to see a BART Police presence in the stations and on the trains.

My point is you can't separate the BART experience from the BART PD--they're intertwined. I've seen BART packed to the gills but an entire car half empty because some homeless guy has shit himself on the front seat and no one wants to go near it.

Maybe BART should de-automate itself a bit. Have CONDUCTORS sell tickets on the trains like almost every other rail system. Just having an employee on each train walking through the cars will help curtail some of the bad behavior.

I was only being half-serious when I mentioned John Burris but what Gruntled describes is the very thing that turns people off.

Look at how crime-ridden New York City has completely turned around--very aggressive policing to the point of even giving jaywalking tickets. If BART/SFPD/Oakland PD would start doing the same, BART would have more money to spend on necessities like new cars instead of all the touchy-feely stuff like how view criminals as "victims of society".

DREADING ANOTHER NIGHT OF SINGLE TRACKING! at least no Giants games this week.

95% is the worst on time rate of any subway on earth? (by the way BART is not a subway)

what's the best on time rate, 123%?