It's that time again

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So it's that time again with the striking and the pissing contests to see who can complain the loudest about how terrible their situation is. I'd really like to not have to spend a lot of time banning people, so let's try to be civil huh? Or at least creative and relevant with your insults.

And before Bartarded calls me a tyrannical loser, I don't plan to mess with any posts made those of you with some time on the site. You all know how things work. "Some Time" is completely arbitrary. If you don't like it, feel free to go to one of the other BART sites. I guarantee you won't get any further there:

You could make comments on this blog:
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If you're brave enough to show your face, a Facebook group:
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And if you want to get all worked up with biased media:

BART's main union propaganda:
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555

BART management's spinned up "labor update page"
BART Labor News

Finally, if you like Reddit you can try out /r/bayarea, /r/sanfrancisco, /r/oakland or go to our currently deserted /r/bartrage.

So there you go. Good luck surviving the strike everyone.


My biggest suggestion is if you're going to slam either side, first Google what you're about to say.. Bartarded likes to spout lots of things that are simply not true and easily Googleable (is that a word?)..

The easiest thing to do is talk to people (nicely, and they will open up), I know quite a few of the agents and one or two of other employees and have learned a great deal. The perception that Agents are simply customer service and operators only job is to push a button to make doors close is a huge slap in the face to all they are trained, put up with, and do on daily basis. Many union members are underpaid for what they do, especially in the technical areas (ATU and SEIU are not just "janitors, Agents, and Operators).

All I hope is that this stays professional, and to also look at what they've given up over the years (they've gone backwards for many years)

You're talking management right? Since workers, if they strike will not get paid, almost like self furlough, their families have to deal with the drop in pay from that, whereas public are also victims due to the bad commute. Many may still be able to get to work and get money.

Whereas management still collect their 150k - 360k salaries when the workers strike, sales tax and property tax and other funding does not stop for BART, which means they make more shutdown than running. So management fits your comment.

I'm just curious because I sense that you're talking about the low end of the pay scale, the workers and their families which is wrongly placed. Just clarify your posts. That way we can either agree or find you grossly misinformed.

So yes those "commies think they're high and mighty and we (public and workers) have to kiss (managements) asses or they'll going to risk MILLIONS of Bay Ares(a) residents their livlihoods!!!"