Sick To Death Of It!

Last time these negotiations went on, it seemed like you guys felt absolutely no risk when you held the public hostage for more money. I think you seriously miscalculate the amount of contempt the public holds you in. I make less than $25,000 a year as a single man, commute one hour to work every day and once hour home. I get paid no benefits because I can't afford to have the money deducted from my paycheck. The system you operate was paid for by us, the taxpayer, to assist us, the taxpayer.

There is an old maxim, "When your employee is convinced you cannot succeed without him, fire him. He will be no good to either you or himself." Well as a rider of the BART system, I do not have sympathy for you. I didn't last time either, but I'm Montgomery Bus Boycott pissed. It may be fine for you people for a while, as you continue to receive Union checks, but maybe not now, or a few months from now, that money will run dry.

I have a car, and I'm prepared to spend an extra hour in traffic every day, if it means firing every last BART employee. I'd be overjoyed if they kicked you from your seat at the bargaining table and did not let you return. I'd be willing to sacrifice the time as the trains sat idle, because week after week, I'd know that as riders, we'd drain your union dry, be training qualified replacements, and be riding again soon, without getting gouged by your greed.

You all voted to strike, well, let's see who will hire you once it's time to get a job. Watch the resentment from potential employers when they realize where you used to work, how your greed overwhelmed your capacity to understand others making one fifth as much as you, how you inconvenienced all of us. Let you try to get a job that's worth any more than what I'm making right now. You should need us, the taxpayer, not the other way around, and after 30 years, this is a lesson you should learn. Fuck your increases, benefits, medical packages. We'll spend that money on upgrades to the system, repairs of these so-called "safety issues," you kindly brought to our attention. Your future careers will be ruined if anyone finds out you worked for BART. To hell with you. The citizens of the Bay Area refuse to let you jeopardize our lives and our careers any more. FIRE THEM ALL! FIRE THEM ALL! FIRE THEM ALL!


I want to be Republican NON-Union at BART..

196 WEEKS of pay! That's almost 4 years at their salary (look it up!).. And they don't have to use it since they have Comp time..

Union members and public are getting screwed, and blaming the workers..

If you commute an hour each way to make $25,000 I have no sympathy for you either, you could easily make that working at Starbucks as a barista. where you'd get pretty good benefits. You really should sit down and seriously evaluate your job. $25K wouldn't be enough pay for me to commute anywhere.

At the mercy of the BART management.. When union people strike, they don't get paid. Think of it as a self-furlough of the lowest paid at a business while the white-collar still receive their pay & benefits. If you ask, union people do not want to strike, they want to work. Strike is the only leverage when the wealthy have all the leverage.