BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to log overtime

Enough evidence has emerged, we don't need absolute proof, we can infer from what we know, and fill in the blanks.

BART employees are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to rack-up as much overtime as possible - when in fact it is not real overtime.

The game is as follows : conspire with your co-worker(s) to call in sick on different days and then sign-up for co-worker's vacated shift. Get paid overtime ( 150% normal salary ) for working your co-worker's shift. Repeat endlessly, up to your maximum sick days per year ( if there is even a limit ).

This is a criminal enterprise based on deceiving your employer and conspiring with you co-workers

In the private corporate world, if this type of behavior was uncovered, the employees would be fired immediately, and possibly sued in civil court.

What aren't the authorities investigating what is clearly a criminal conspiracy to defraud BART riders and CA taxpayers of our hard-earned money ?

BART employees : if you are honest and you know a fellow employee who is engaging in this criminal behavior , it is your moral , ethical , legal responsibility to the people of CA to report this behavior -- yes you will be protected ( and possibly rewarded ) by the whistle-blower laws.


overtime does not work that way. when there is a vacant shift it is filled from a list of operators that have signed up for overtime. that list is ordered first by seniority then by the number of overtime hours worked during the current bid. if two operators have conspired to fill in for each other there would have to be a perfect storm of coincidence for it to work since the foreworkers or the crew office would be going down the list with no regard to who is conspiring to cover some other operators shift. this is the way the list works: at day 1 of the bid the overtime list is ordered by seniority so all of the high seniority people get the overtime. as the days go by those high seniority people get pushed down the list because the list starts to get ordered by hours worked; the #1 seniority person goes to last place if they worked both of their days off and now have 16 hrs counted against them. anytime someone with zero hrs of overtime signs up for overtime they go to the top of the list even if they are dead last in seniority.

i know you don't need any evidence or facts to support your inference but i thought i'd throw these facts out there anyway.