I'm not on the side of BART management or the Unions. I'm on the side of the people who pay for all of these douches and who will suffer from their dick-waving contest -- the riders. What really just drives me up the wall is that no one is meeting. I know all the walking out and press releases and statements are all posturing but nothing is accomplished when you aren't meeting with one another or mediators or whomever. Neither side seems to care about all the people in the Bay Area who will be going to work in the morning.

I really think we should put all the leaders in a room, confiscate all phones, block all internet access, give them a pitcher of water and lock the door. No one comes out until a new deal is agreed upon.

I wish I had the kind of job where I could telecommute or just take the day off, but I don't. I could use vacation time but why should I burn through one my days because a bunch of clowns couldn't even bother to sit down and come to an agreement?


in the past there was sympathy for the unionized workers, this year I don't know if it is because it is the holiday week, but people don't want management to cave to the outrageous demands of the unions...fuck them! I really with that an option would be for them to fire them all and retrain some cute monkeys to run the trains, tourist attraction as well as less bullshit...BART, we run on banana power!

Umm... If a Station Agent is playing on their cell phone and not helping customers, you can simply fill out a comment card or online comment card. That is not allowed, and you will get a call from someone to explain.

Do people not realize they can fill out a comment card? Seriously. It's an easy fix for rude employees? Has anyone complained before?

Comment card??? WTF! How about an app where you can snap a photo and send it in for disciplinary action. I will say it here and now, 90% of station agents are worthless, no customer service skills and are a waste of oxygen. Occasionally there is a nice helpful agent, but only because the oxy has kicked in...