Do not be held hostage by BART union

I am a rider of 7 years. There are 100 people who would take the position of any one of your striking employees. I am an RN and belong to a union-the behavior of the BART union is embarassing and makes all unions look bad. The riders I have spoken to are 100% behind BART management regarding this strike. I have never seen a BART employee moving with any urgency as I do at work- Should a BART employee make more then a teacher? and have better benefits? Do BART emplyees need to have a college degree? I will make due getting to work- do not cave in. 2 percent raises and stop the abuse of benefits( the sick time overtime garbage that goes on). They can honestly say they deserve 23 percent raises in the next contract?

"need a raise" to keep up with inflation after going backwards 12%. (They've had nothing in 5+ years) AND they are carrying almost twice the number of passengers over the last 10 years.

And those concessions were made to help during a bad economy (not to "keep their job", the assistance provided by agents and running the trains and stations does that for them).

To make BART safe they are looking for more police, bullet proof windows, double coverage, none of which goes into a members pocket. They also want the restrooms opened in the few stations that have them closed. All of which would benefit us riders.

The news is just now starting to get it.. Start watching what's going on and who is the problem..

So many posts here from folks that just don't ask what the truth is before posting.. So your post is simply untrue.