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Regardless of your opinions on the BART labor negotiaons, do you believe that holding the Bay Area hostage will help the unions?

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If the BART workers think the

If the BART workers think the public hates them now, just wait until the strike is over.

I know a lot of very liberal people (this is the bay area after all) and I have yet to meet a single person who supports the unions in this one.

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You should come out to the

You should come out to the picket lines then. I've been out there for the past 2 days and we get honks of support all day. We do get a few birds also, but the show of support vastly outweighs the middle fingers. Its about 50 to 1. People also stop and offer us food and water. The public has been behind us from what I am seeing.

That's a completely

That's a completely unscientific measure of support. You have no way of telling what the people who quietly pass by are thinking.

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Lol. What? OK, it's safe to

Lol. What? OK, it's safe to assume that people who honk, wave, and give us a thumbs up support us. It is also safe to assume that people who flip the bird, boo, and yell "get back to work" do not support us. Based on those assumptions, the thumbs up outweigh the birds by a landslide.

And what about the people who

And what about the people who drive by and do nothing? How do you know what they think of the strike?

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They either don't have an

They either don't have an opinion or choose not to voice it. If they choose not to voice it then they might be for us or against us. Don't know. I can only go by what people say. And from what I see on the picket line, people support us.

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Why would those who don't

Why would those who don't support you go to the picket lines at all?
Most people have better things to do than go to a closed BART station.

The people showing support

The people showing support are likely people who seldom, if ever, use BART. They just see workers striking and show support because that's the thing to do.



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Those are not honks of

Those are not honks of support...when you are finished with your rose colored glasses please let me borrow them.

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Right, I forgot. You honk

Right, I forgot. You honk and wave when you are mad at someone. I'm sorry. So does that mean the people who flip the bird actually support us?

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Most of the people who

Most of the people who fucking hate your guts - the daily riders that are your normal customers - are too busy commuting to and from their jobs to buzz by closed BART stations and flip you off.

Every single poll, news story, and interview I've seen shows that the public sentiment towards BART unions is overwhelmingly negative. People are even expressing that negative sentiment on your pro-union Facebook page.

Your union bosses are lying to you. Both about what's happening in the negotiations and also about what the public thinks of you. Antonette Bryant, the spokesperson for the Station Agent union, made $145,000 last year for sitting in a glass box and has the audacity to want more. Do you really think you can trust someone like her to tell you the honest truth, or do you think she's just fighting to keep wasteful work rules in place so she can keep rolling around in the gravy?

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You bart strikers live in a

You bart strikers live in a bubble. The public is not behind you. Watch any of the major news channels, ktvu, nbc, etc. and see all the negativity towards you knuckleheads.

Here's some:

"the public has been behind us from what I am seeing." - Bart Striker

Best moronic comment I have read all week.

Fire these clowns and kick

Fire these clowns and kick their ass. Once the strike ends, i propose we commuters decide a day and strike. We will not take bart onthat day.

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Because the media absolutely

Because the media absolutely has no bias or hidden agenda in the way they cover events like this. Sure.

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The media - particularly the

The media - particularly the local media in the SF region - is generally pro-Union and pro-worker.
So suggesting they have a "hidden agenda" in this one that's anti-Union? Not actually based in reality.

BART should have them all

BART should have them all arrested for trespassing on BART property!

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The sidewalk is public

The sidewalk is public property. We don't trespass. We also don't stop or block anyone from entering the building.

Oh and BART police drive by all the time and wave too.

Then why are you preventing

Then why are you preventing buses from entering the stations?

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Haven't heard about that.

Haven't heard about that. I'm picketing where I work, one of the maintenance facilities. If someone is blocking buses they are 100% in the wrong. At that point I would expect BART police to intervene.

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The bus drivers are unionized

The bus drivers are unionized as well and won't cross the picket line to go into the stations, at the Concord station they set up bus stops outside the station.

It was occupy oakland

It was occupy oakland protesters that wouldn't let buses move.

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Occupy Oakland has been over

Occupy Oakland has been over for months.
It was union supporting protesters.

just because it's over

just because it's over doesn't mean they dry up and die. geeeez

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when somebody gives you the

when somebody gives you the middle finger...that's not waving!

I've spoken to a number of

I've spoken to a number of people while waiting in line for casual carpool, riding, and waiting for buses in the afternoon. Not one person has claimed to support the BART employees who are striking.

I've been searching online for a website where BART employees lay out for the public why they are striking, but I haven't found anything like that.

So the only information I hear, over and over, is that BART employees make a decent salary (or more than decent) for the work they do, plus they have benefits packages that are valued at around $50k/year, including very inexpensive health insurance and retirement accounts that are entirely funded by BART.

I don't really understand why they should be getting 20% raises over four years. I mean, some of them are highly skilled (people who actually work on the trains), but station agents seem to have minimal skills, especially customer service skills.

I've used public transit all over the world, and even in places like Chicago, there were people who stood out like diamonds in the rough because their customer service skills were top notch (not only station agents, but bus drivers).

I have never walked away from a station agent with BART feeling like I had a good experience. In fact, one agent accused me of lying because my Clipper card didn't register as I left or entered a station, and I didn't realize it because the gate was open.

I did see here that a BART employee was complaining about how dangerous it is to be an agent, because people are riding BART armed, and there's the danger of communicable disease. Well guess what...You're in a little box. The passengers are pressed up against the apparently dangerous, and disease-ridden people for 30-50 minutes at a time as we ride the trains. So to hear you complain about having to deal with people just rings hollow. Your passengers, who pay to ride, have to deal with it too, but why would you think about your passengers?

I would like to know if there is a site where I could hear the employees' side of this, because as it is right now, I have zero support for the employees of BART, even before the strike I felt that most BART employees represented the worst of public agency employees, who do the minimum work required to keep their job, and have a "not my problem" attitude when dealing with the public.

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SEIU, representing the

SEIU, representing the mechanics, electricians, and janitors.

ATU, representing the Train Operators and Station Agents.

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It's hilarious that even the

It's hilarious that even the ATU's official website can't make the job of the Station Agent sound like anything more than basic customer service.

With the benefits that BART employees get, a Station Agent should be paid about $34k to start with a cap at $48k.

The minority of Bay Area

The minority of Bay Area commuters who supported you didn't expect the strike to drag on for this long. Even their patience is running thin.

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These poor working class BART

These poor working class BART workers need to go into a McDonalds in Oakland and tell the employees there their sob story of only making $77,000 a year with a high school diploma.

No, we would tell them where

No, we would tell them where to apply.

you should stop being so ugly.

it's an unfortunate situation for the bay area for BART to go on strike however, I'm not going to feel bad about what I make when that's what BART said that they would pay me.

we are quite sick of crabs like you trying to make us feel bad that were have good jobs.
we are educated, believe it or not... many BART employees have Masters Degrees..

Quit hating and lift yourself up Tard.

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Yeah, just keep spewing that

Yeah, just keep spewing that Union bullshit.
That'll make the public hate you less.

Actually, the effect of a

Actually, the effect of a prolonged strike on the union pukes is quite
amusing to consider. Think of how much their benefit package will cost
when it comes out-of-pocket with no paycheck coming in. I'm sure a
whole bunch of these folks live way beyond their means and a few months
of no income will break them like never before.

Wake up, dipshits. Management and Union bosses still get paid while you're
out there marching around with a stupid sign in your hand for zero dollars
per hour. The big boys on either side don't give a rats ass about you; you're
nothing but useful idiots and a vehicle to get them what they want.

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Remember the stuff that was

Remember the stuff that was posted on the BART Bratz website, before they got it taken down?

BART Train Operators with Lamborghinis, Station Agents taking round-the-world trips with their 7 weeks of PTO, etc.