This is What They're Fighting For (employee salary database)

Over 73% of the total full time employees at BART make over $100,000 a year in total compensation with only a GED required for employment.

Over 100 people clocked $50,000 or more in overtime pay with even station agents doubling their salary with OT.

BART workers also have not 1 but 3 retirement plans fully paid for by BART. That's right, they can get THREE pensions. Their main BART pension for which they pay nothing, Social Security for which they pay 1% and BART pays 14%, and then a 401k with matching contributions by BART.

Lastly since BART doesn't make you take your sick-time or vacation-time you can store it up for one final kick as you leave/retire ... 15 people did this for over $70k each and one even got $289,000 out of this trick in 2012.

BART Union vs Management is like two bank robbers fighting over the stolen loot.

The top level 290 employees have a combined 135,000 hours or 69 YEARS of banked vacation/holiday pay:


Go to BART's web site, apply for a job, and tell them you want the minimum pay. Actually, you don't even have to tell them because the pay ranges there *are* the minimum and maximum and you'll start at the minimum unless you are in AFSCME, then you can negotiate a bit.

Union employees are limited on how much sick time and vacation time they can accrue, only management can scam the system that way.