BART unions: Why do you hate Bay Area workers so much?

Why do you enjoy inflicting pain on the Bay Area's working-class population and putting their jobs at risk?


Workers and the Union requested more time to negotiate, Unions requested a cooling off period and were not granted one.

Unions also were more willing than BART Management to extend their contract for 30 days to try to work things out and keep the trains running..

BART Management wanted no extra time, BART management wanted to stop the trains now. BART management did not want to negotiate, BART management hired 1 guy at $400,000 dollars to stall..

Sounds like BART Management hates the Bay Area's Working-Class Population (Which included the working-class population at BART) and is putting every ones job at risk..

Remember what side the workers are on.. Working class need to stick together. Top end Operators $61,000 has been shown to be barely enough to survive in the SF Bay Area.

People are bitter because I think the Rich Management at BART try to make it look like the workers wanted the strike, when it was clearly (for anyone with 1/2 a brain) those making triple what the Operators and Agents make.

Rich Republicans wet dreams, get the lower middle classes to fight each other.. Great.. People are acting jealous "Well I don't get XYY" instead of "Hey we should fight to get more, rather than letting the rich get richer".

Love the comments "They should make minimum wage" .. NO ONE should make the current MINIMUM, NOONE can live on that, workers need to fight for their fair share.

$61k Is luxury to you?

ALL government employees should make min wage and take Medi-cal?

All Government?!?!

Those same employees should commute in from vacaville , gilroy and hercules ? For min wage?


I don't think even your idol Rand and or Ron Paul would fully subscribe to those statements.

Again , You expect anyone in a government job to make minimum wage?

(Maybe you are getting your ELECTED Government officials and workers mixed up , not sure.)

Yes, you were naming places that are relatively cheap to live BUT how close were 2-3 of those place to the actual location bart services?

You would have a minimum wage worker travel 45 min - over an hour (traffic etc ) to work.

How would they get to work?

How much will it cost to get to work?

There are some serious flaws here.

I would MAYBE understand your statement (partly) IF a person lived 15-30 min from their job site that was accessible by public transportation at ALL hours .

But NONE of that is the case now.

You are demanding a case that can not exist in the current state of existence and repeating it will not make it so.

Ok using a fast search of the average rent prices for Your cited Daly City (being cheap compared to SF)$1497 ish for a 1 bed ...don't have a family if your a Government worker , right?

so with my bad math ...$8 min wage , 40 hour work week ...$1280 ...Ruh Roh.

Hmm Guess all Government workers will need 2 jobs .

You didn't answer the other part...You tried but...kinda of skipped around it .

How is a Minimum wage worker going to GET TO WORK if his shift is a grave shift or (like me ) have an oddball start time of say...330 am?
From Gilroy , Vacaville , Hercules ( Ill go better here) Newman , Stockton , etc?

BART shuts down after a certain point , can't take that.
Most express buses shut down after the major commutes , can't take those.

Yes actually YOU ARE stating they SHOULD live in those places because they are "cheaper" than SF...and the immediate bay area for that matter.

Being a minimum wage person they would be FORCED to live there...unless they double/tripled up with other minimum wage workers.

Unless you want your "hired" help segregated from the rest of the population...whats that called again?

See the flaw here?

bart-sorry your wrong about ," No one is saying bart workers should make min wage." scroll up , this is EXACTLY what Locz said...ALL Government workers should make Min wage and be tied into Medi-cal.

And even your above statements are untrue.

If you are making min wage , and can't even make the rent prices in an area ( see my bad math above )how are you going to afford ANYTHING else.

Again, responding to Locz sensationalist statements above and various attempts to justify them after.

No red herring .

I hate fish;)

Ok, Locz it is semantics. Call it whatever you like it is still crap.

Your still at a level of wrong that is so far off it HAS to be a deliberate TROLL.

IF , and I stress IF you actually believe the 2 statements you made , you are one of 3 things.

1 Completely and UTTERLY clueless , shortsighted and IGNORANT (willfully) of the jobs you are disrespecting in a blanket statement like that.Police , Judges , Fire to name 3 for brevity.

2.An opportunistic troll just bent on spewing any stupid thing he/she can in order to get a negative reaction feed your bored little ego (winning)

3.some political zealot trying to grind an ax to make "your bones" among your peers , so far deep into the kool aide he/she can no longer see the basic flaws in the statements you are regurgitating.

How is that storming the Capitol thing going by the way?

Hard work?

Or just tough because no one is going to do it for you (for min wage anyway)?