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So I'm about to bounce back to relative obscurity even though I've been posting on here since inception. This is actually my second blog account and it's over 7 years old. Back in the old days people enjoyed talking to BART employees and BART employees would help people understand what was going on or why something was done the way it was done. Now it seems to have become BART Bitching dot com. People that are clueless and bitching without ever caring to accept the truth or continue to bitch even after they learn the truth. Don't know why I bother, maybe because...

I've always been a natural teacher and my little guy has been my greatest ongoing project/achievement. As I have gained experience in my life I have found myself drawn to any statement that contains the word "why" and do my best to answer from my limited knowledge.

When I was a child it was all about me. As I have grown up, it was all about my family and friends. Once the hormones were in full effect it was all about adding a mate and whatever family that came with her. As my own independent young man it was about my country. I was blessed with a child right at the time I thought I was heading out of the reproduction window. Pushing 40 seems kinda old to me as a man to start having my first child. Fate has left me without his mother's commitment to us as a family. Nowadays It's becoming more about my community, and the people I come in contact with.(Probably why I came back to begin with)

I guess as the grey shows up more and more I am more concerned with the world my "Adult" son will live in. At this rate by the time I die I will be concerned with all mankind I guess. But for right now at this point if my son was old enough to ask, here are a few fortune cookies I would tell him;

The ships of success never pull into port. There will be times you will see them in the distance, it's up to you to leap off the dock of comfort and swim out to them. When you do, you need three things. Effort because wishing will get you nowhere. Education so you can tell the difference between a dinghy or a mighty ocean faring vessel. The third is the will to go past what you thought you could do. Success always appears closer than where it really is.

For every door that closes another one opens... It wouldn't hurt to check for a window before you step through the latter.

Don't EVER get married... We won the battle of the sexes, but lost the war.

No matter how powerful you become, you will always be the weaker sex.

When you are born you are issued a moral compass. Your mother calibrates how sensitive it is. Your Father influences how powerful it is. As you travel through life it will guide your every step. There will be times you will find yourself in temptation or feel the pressure of others trying to influence you and it will spin in circles....Keep moving.

You are everything to a dog. To a cat you are support staff that gets paid with affection.

If you play with a motorcycle you've just become a gambler...pleasure and pain is your currency and the pavement is the house.

Feel free to add and maybe we could have a positive thread for a change.

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Nice to see you, TO. Op9 maybe? I think it's a bit optimistic to think people will respond to a positive post during a strike, but I appreciate the effort. Especially when its not really about BART? Or did I miss the point? Anyway, sadly, it's hard to have a conversation right now because there are a few people dominating the boards that clearly have more time on their hands than the other side of the debate. Apparently shouting louder makes you right, but whatever. Internet.

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I remember you and no, I'm the original T/O that used to flirt with Shrapnel when she went by that other handle. In fact I still owe Evil Pete a beer. But yeah, it's me. I was wondering if any of the old crew was still here. I also seem to recall you had red hair and did everything via your phone. Op9 came on after me an Boopie. I remember that kid that wanted to work for BART and was always asking questions. The first time I ever heard of Twitter was from him. Oh, I had bumped into the Tech that had started posting here and he was all "You're T/O?!!!" apparently he was a fan but he's retired now.

I've been laughing at these stooges who think everything they read in the paper is true an then post the link. Now the latest spoonful of crap is about how much paid time off we (union members) are using. Meanwhile Management is never late and never uses their sick leave or vacation time. Ya know why?

They simply don't log it. Here's what I mean... "Oh, I'm two hours late for work!" "Good thing I log in my own time so I can make my tardiness disappear" a few minutes later "That was exhausting! I better see if Lois and Harriet are still on for the trip to Maxwell's Shoe Boutique after lunch." After a 20 minute meeting they leave for a two hour lunch. The manager returns to the computer and replies to the emails in the in box. They meet the other managers in the Company Van and go to the shoe shop while "On duty". They come back and the Managers log themselves out an hour before they are supposed to leave.
And that's how they never use any leave.


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Yeah, I was posting to BartRAGE on a mobile before mobile web really existed. I wonder it that kid ever got a job. Every once in a while one of the old fun crew pops up but it's pretty much just a bitch board now, all negative bullshit really. That incident with Master Chief back in the last negotiations scared everyone away for a while, and a lot didn't come back. Lucifer helps me keep the spammers out. I still talk to Boopie once in a while, and Officer Jo-Jo if you remember them. But hey, BART's gotten shittier since then so I guess the Internet reflects reality right? LOL

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I don't recall what happened with master chief so I was sifting through some of the old comments. It was amusing to see a lot of the same comments during the last contracts are identical to what is being said now. In my readings I found that kid's handle; "A.T." Never did find out what happened with him or Master chief but I remember Raffa took a lot of pictures. I saw Jo-Jo at the airport with his Mutt a few times, but he doesn't know my "Secret Identity." I think only two people know who I am on here. I've been gone 4 years from this site but I could tell almost right away the haters have taken over.

Reading some of my old stuff 4 years later was interesting. It seems I'm mellowing right on schedule. Maybe I should get my testosterone levels checked :p

As far as I can tell everything has gotten shittier for many reasons but I'm right there with everybody else. Not sure if I'm interested in sticking around, I may just lurk once in a while since it seems people aren't curious about what the job is like anymore. I'm not interested in going to work just to come home and be harassed on here as well. I dunno, one guy actually registered just to ask me a question so maybe...