Civic Center Station Agents, 7:15pm

Two station agents sitting on their asses in their box shooting the shit, completely ignoring several people jumping over the fence.

What the fuck are these people making $72,000.00+ for again?

saw the same thing at Concord last night. Station Agent (by himself) standing outside booth not paying attention around 11:00 p.m. while fare evaders just jump over the gates. evaders don't even run away; they just casually walk away. the one i was watching lives right across the street and down the block so he probably does it on a daily basis. ergh! last night's agent was a different agent than the most recent regular Concord Agent who is very nice and is helpful. I think he might have moved to WC because I've seen him there.

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No, it's sitting on their asses making $64k+/per year. Wages haven't changed in years and you still have problems with how much it is? Next while you're at it try reading that big word up and on the outside of the agent's booth. That's right...sound it out....what's the "I" sound... then next comes "N"..."F" is're doing good... "O" is easy....Half way there...

Fare evasion and crimes are the duties of the Poh...leece. BART Poh...leece. My at the time 3 year old had the intellectual (I know,big word.) reasoning of the two of you put together.

You fall down, get boo boo. Agent fill out papers. Boo boo hurt lots, agent call Ambulance. If you get stuck in elevator, agent help you. Agent can't fix, they call fireman. Your car get molested or stolen. Agent call Police for you. Same for if somebody takes your money or steals your P.E.D. If you get sick, they get ambulance quick. Any machines in the station break, they fill out papers and call for repair man. Same for graffiti. Same for the lights and escalators. They receive shipments of supplies and pamphlets and put them out for people to read. Loose something? If they aren't busy they can check the 'puter and see if your stuff was turned in. Loose a person, depending on the situation they will page or declare an amber alert system wide. Loose something on the train and they go look for it. When there is an earthquake, riot, flood, bomb,or shit just plain fails, they get to working on handling or recovery from the situation.

Any of the above happen to you? No? Then you're having a good day.

In the meantime, they're shootin' the shit waiting for the shit to hit.

Lol, that made me laugh..

Short version would be...

First responder/station manager/ information/ technician/ticket pass analysis/ other stuff can't think of.

They are not police, so they should not get into confrontations about fare evasion or other infractions crimes. They should report crimes to bart police dispatch, but not stop or interfere.

Let the police, when around, do their job.

One last thing, veteran agents make 30/hr New agents and operators make only 25/hr. You do your own math $25 an hour times 80 hours times 26 paychecks.

Agents in San Francisco make about the same amount of money as a secretary in Sf. I bet they would be thrilled to make the amount of money you are quoting. That number includes the middle-management Union as well as BART police, lieutenants, and commanders union , and technicians.

I just want to see a video of a car getting molested...

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I have a VHS video, just come on my van....down by the river.
Got some Zima on ice as well, in my van...down... by the river.

Boo hoo. 23% raise? Let's give 'em 30% !!

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Just like the rest of UN plaza. I've heard that area is called "Septic Center" and I think it's a fitting name. I had a fun time the other day browsing the open air bicycle chop shop. And on Thursdays, you can hang out with the whole heroin shooting, pants pissing gang and eat free curry and rice. That sounds like a great idea, let's feed the homeless curry right next to the BART escalators. No wonder they're always clogged with shit.