A New Low for BART Unions

Bloodshed, figurative or not, has no place in contract negotiations:

SEIU Promises Bloodiest BART Strike Ever

SEIU and ATU, this is no way to win over your riders. It's time to accept BART's last offer they had on the table and STFU.

Proves my point in another thread. Here's a position that requires considerable skill--training people to do highly technical tasks (which means you have to know the tasks yourself, train others to do them and be able to assess their skill level). Yet she made less than most Station Agents.

I think both sides need to board a train and cannot disembark until a compromise is reached, or they show up to a station doing this: http://sfist.com/2013/07/11/video_lascivious_couple_filmed_havi.php

"Guess I need to start bringing a tarp to put on the seats before I sit down."

if you don't already...ok, bulletproof glass and handy wipes to clean up the splooge...but no 23% raise!