Making Love on BART

Some of you have already seen this, but where was BART police?

The BART Bumpa Humpa

edit from TreoBART: I fixed up that link for you so everyone can click on it and see the video in its full glory.


Bart pd probably wasn't called when this was going on.

Unless you want an officer on EVERY train at ALL times (and are willing to pay for probably at least 50 - 100 more officers give or take) they aren't going to catch stuff like this ...UNLESS PEOPLE CALL IT IN AND ARE WILLING TO GO TO COURT OVER IT AFTER.

Officers would need to "on view" this in order to do anything about it on their own.

And ...eww.

I don't sit on trains anyway (that brown stain on the seat aint coffee ;) but ...eww.

Then again, I am amazed it doesn't happen more often (at least the act and recording it part)

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There you go thinking again. I hope you're pretty because this thinking thing you keep trying to do is not working for you. The cost of a cop is much more than the cost of an agent and you want them to do both jobs which means you need two cops.


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ADA requires at least one agent during revenue hours.

Kind of the same issue still.

More officers are needed to do that under the current numbers.

There used to be a train team that all they did was ride trains all shift and catch various infractions and such (that usually turned into bigger violations because the person had a warrant or such)

Do not recall the reason it was disbanded but I think it was a staffing issue...not enough officers to cover other positions etc.

Security Guard only has the same arrest and detention powers as an average citizen , so I am thinking that it wouldn't solve much of anything .(could be completely wrong on this I will admit it has been a LONG time since I read any current stuff about that).

Disbanding the pd?

I will just roll my eyes and chuckle about that statement .

To many points and details to cover on how short sighted and ignorant that statement is.

But hey , could happen . Police aren't popular on any level anymore so..
Could happen.

Part 1
No union for the pd...juuuust saying.( They don't strike , They operate on FORCED overtime, the pay scales you see where certain officers make tons of ot pay? They are forced and or Take the shift because its available...or some other officer would be FORCED to work it ....bart would pay either way)

PD gets whatever is left after the other UNIONS get done with the carcass (so to speak)used to be "me too" clause , the pd got what every one else got , Last contract killed that.

last time (last contract) the pd GAVE up more than ANY other bargaining unit. (Vacation , Beni pack items etc)

Part 2>

"Well trained"...quantify that statement please.

If you train some one up to and equal with an officer (and how it reads so far , that's what your asking for) , they will be expecting to paid as such...90% of a trained officer = 90% of Officers pay.

Looking at pay scales , Bart pd is not the highest paid , in the bay area OR Ca ...seems to me you barking up the tree of "too much pay" (or whatever beef you are trying to convey about the pd , since your arguments have now included the pd..not sure why exactly you added to your list after all, they are on duty when there is a strike , working longer shifts no less)

Fair enough , rereading my previous post I can see where it would have been confusing without the specifics.

Why are you now painting the pd with the same broad "lazy and useless" brush that you are using for the to/sa's? (your actually using it for ALL employees so it seems but ...details) ?

Your main beef with bart employees (thus far) has been that they went on strike ( PD can't and didn't, in fact they ended up working longer days and more of them )
are overpaid (bart pd isn't the highest paid in the state or even in the bay area).

You made the suggestion that a "highly trained security guard" could replace the pd in all or most cases.

I asked you to quantify "highly trained".

If that happened on a Friday evening, you can all BPD all you want and they will never be there. We had a totally digusting situation last Friday night. BART spent all the money on those stupid lame ass posters instead of a police officer to get this naked, puss throwing, barefoot creep off the train. He made a mess in every single seat too and made sure he didn't miss a one in the lead car.

I can't remember the last time I saw BPD on board a train late at night. That's said. I love how they call the "homeless squish factor prevention" on the rest of the elevators an earthquake retrofit.

How many more lawsuits and train cars must be wrecked. BART's in-house legal counsel must be a real useless pussy because all they seem todo is pay out settlements to John Burris which should never be paid instead of paying BART workers!

So , gotta know..did you call the pd?

Just curious

t.o. called.